Advantages of Debit Cards

Debit Card Advantages - Complete Controller

Debit cards are registered payment and settlement plastic cards that depositors use to make non-cash payments for needs and services with funds from their accounts to withdraw cash from an ATM. This payment instrument does not allow exceeding the funds on the card account.

There are no significant differences between the systems. The difference lies in the settlement currency, which matters if the purchase happens abroad. The money is US dollars for Visa cards or MasterCard, and euros in EU countries. Download A Free Financial Toolkit Differences may affect the conditions for making payments abroad, promotions, and bonuses from payment systems.

The national payment system (BELKART cards) uses the BELKART-Maestro system to pay for purchases abroad. The BELKART debit card also has advantages: it is cheaper to issue and maintain.

Plastic cards are divided into classes according to their functionality and security—the most common gradations are Standard, Classic, Gold, and Platinum. The higher the course, the safer and more functional they are. For example, the ability to make remote payments for additional services (gifts from banks and their partners, various discounts). These gradations are not noticeable when paying for goods in stores, but the Standard level is not enough for payments on the Internet.

Using Debit Cards

Our country’s first debit cards began to appear in the 90s. Their goal was to reduce the share of cash turnover and provide the population with a convenient tool for mutual settlements.

Today, citizens use a debit card to:

  • Replenish the account, withdraw, store, and accumulate cash.
  • Pay for goods in retail stores and online through a personal statement. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now
  • Receive wages, pension accruals, allowances, and scholarships.
  • Transfer funds from your account to other accounts.
  • Pay loans, utilities, etc.

If the card is lost, a person must contact the bank with a request to block it or do it on their own through their account. You can get a new card at the bank branch where the card account is opened. It will protect the user from attacks on his funds by scammers.

Benefits of having a debit card:

  • Convenience – no need to carry banknotes with you, which require a separate place and the ability to make payments outside the country.
    • When saving time, you don’t have to look for the right amount and wait for the change when paying for a purchase.
  • Efficiency – you can quickly receive money at any time.
  • Security – no need to worry about money safety; when paying through a terminal or ATM, you need a PIN code known only to the owner.
  • The possibility of accumulation – many banks charge interest on the card account balance.
  • Gifts – banks offer loyalty programs to customers (a receipt of cashback, overdraft services, online services, etc.). ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits
The difference between a debit card and a credit card is that debit and credit cards are popular among people of different ages and social statuses, opening enormous opportunities for the client. Externally, plastic carriers almost do not differ from each other. Sometimes, you can find the inscription Debit or Credit on the front. Users must know the difference to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as creating debt or writing off commissions.

Source of income: The debit card stores the plastic holder’s own money, which he earned or received as income. A credit card allows you to pay funds that the bank lends to the user under a signed agreement. In this case, the person must return the spent money within the prescribed period. If there is a delay, interest for use is charged at an increased rate.

  • Getting cards. To apply for a credit card, you must collect a document package. Debit cards are issued at the client’s request, which is a private person or an employer.
  • Interest accrual. The credit card owner pays interest for using the loan provided by the bank. With a debit card, interest is accrued on the balance of the card account.
  • Limit. A credit card has a credit limit or an overdraft line. Debit cardholders are limited to the amount that is available on the account.
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