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Time is money. Hence, businesses are required to ensure that they value time as much as they value money. One of the primary objectives of most enterprises is to maximize profits, signifying that they must save crucial business hours that would otherwise be wasted with higher profit goals. The Japanese concept of Lean Production calls for eliminating waste or ‘muda.’ This waste can take various forms, including unnecessary time to execute a specific task. Lean Production principles dictate that lead time can be reduced by avoiding re-works. The job must be done to perfection on the first attempt so that no re-work is necessary—the more a task demands, the higher the waste, the lower the efficiency. Therefore, businesses must save crucial business hours and implement lean production to inseminate an efficient work environment. CorpNet. Start A New Business Now

Rather than manual tasking, businesses can salvage time by implementing accounting software – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Using accounting software enables various benefits that can effectively save crucial business hours that would otherwise be wasted.

Accounts Preparation

With accounting software aids like QuickBooks, most of the account creation process can now be automated using built-in analysis tools and templates. Rather than manually creating ledgers and financial statements in Excel, using accounting software that includes the relevant templates is more effortless and time-saving. Bookkeeping was initially automated to avoid human error, but automation such as this brings other laudable benefits along with it. Now, you eliminate errors and save time and costs involved. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

Invoicing and Payments

Accounting software allows for automated invoice creation and updating. Moreover, payments can be processed systematically in time for vendors and customers from within. Creating invoices can be a tedious task owing to its repetitive nature. This repetition may be reduced through automatic invoice generation for the various vendors. Payment runs will highlight the accounts that require payment. The system will automatically make changes to these respective accounts without manually posting debit and credit entries within the numerous accounts of the General Ledger. Automated invoicing and payments are yet another way to cut down on crucial business hours that may now be allocated elsewhere.

Report Generation and Distribution

Accounting software may be configured such that daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports can be processed and prepared at preset time intervals. Moreover, the accounts can be integrated to feed relevant data into the reports. For instance, each employee’s daily time-in procedure will transfer data into their weekly attendance report. This report will save time preparing each employee’s weekly and monthly attendance sheets. In addition to real-time reporting, these reports can also be distributed by integrating the email system with the accounting software. This distribution allows for timely reports to all authorized recipients. Imagine the time it would consume if this had to be managed manually. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

Invent y Management – Restocking

Stock-outs can be a nightmare for many businesses, especially ones with a well-established reputation in the market. For other, lesser-known ones, turning down customers for ‘out-of-stock’ products can be detrimental and eventually lead to a diminishing customer base. Automated refurbishment can be actualized through accounting software to avoid tock falling below the safety margin or the Economic Order Point (EOC). In addition to preventing stock-outs, the business can redeem and use crucial business hours to set itself apart from its competitors. Stock-outs give a terrible first impression to all potential customers.


Accounting software such as Xero or QuickBooks can be used to save crucial business hours. Every second you save may be utilized in performing other, more productive duties, thereby reducing waste and fostering efficiency. Moreover, resource allocation can be improved mainly by using accounting software. The redundant resource is an expense in itself.

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