9 Areas of Investment in Technology

Investment in Technology - Complete Controller

Most financially responsible adults begin to consider investments when they reach a certain financial status in their life. Once you find yourself, there are so many ways and places you can invest your money. Most smart investors will have at least some portion of their diversified portfolio dedicated to investments in technology. Most technology investments will pay off, and even those that don’t will be made up by the many that have given investors high returns.

Unlike some other investments, technology has areas of investment that can be invested in individually. Here are the top nine areas of technology; it is suggested you focus your investment money. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has been in existence on some level for many years. In more recent years, artificial intelligence has found a prominent place in our everyday lives. Artificial intelligence takes certain tasks previously performed by the human brain and performs these tasks through technology. The most well known current artificial example would be Amazon’s Alexa. Other identically performing AI, such as IBM’s, Watson, and Google’s, Hey Google.

This artificial intelligence can quickly perform calculations and answer questions but go even further in controlling aspects of our home with smart capabilities.


While Apple and Samsung lead this space, many secondary players make components, software, apps, and phones. “Smartphone” is a catch-all name for handsets that can run apps, programs, and nearly anything else a computer might be able to do.

iPhone, which is the Apple-based smartphone, and Android, which encompasses most other brands, are the smartphone market leaders. Both major smartphone leaders offer astonishingly advanced features, so choosing a smartphone is a matter of taste. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Blockchain technology is related to cryptocurrency, an up and coming form of digital currency used as an alternative payment method that doesn’t use banks as a financial intermediary. Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are considered the credit card of today. When credit cards began, a form of payment, banking institutions, or stores, or other places people spent money were not widely accepted.

Self-Driving Technology

While some driver-assisted driving technology is already in the market, it is still on a limited basis and the human driver of the vehicles. More advanced self-driving vehicles exist, but the acceptance of these vehicles as a replacement for current cars and trucks is likely a long way from happening. Humans, by nature, have difficulty giving control to machines. There is some level of fear of loss of control, and driving is an area that will probably have a wide rejection until years have passed.

Computers and Software

Companies that create laptops, computers, and software have been in existence for many decades, and they are still a great focus for investment as there are constant advancements in this area. Computer and software companies add innovation to their products every year or two, making them continue technology success.

The Internet

The Internet is another technology area that has been in existence for decades but continues to be an area that is a good investment. Many of the well-known Internet gain revenue from multiple products, and they also gain from advertising and other monetization that make them highly profitable and great investments. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Streaming Media

Netflix came out of the gate with streaming services and was a clear leader in the field for a few years. Now this area of technology is occupied by many competitors making it on an even playing field. This evening of the field of competition is making entertainment that has something for everyone. While the competition is great for driving innovation and customer savings, it cannot be easy to choose options for investments and require research.

Device companies

Device companies are an area that continues to grow and come out with competitive options. Streaming devices, action cameras, gaming platforms, and other devices like tablets and listening devices are all advancing and innovating, making them great choices for investing.

The Cloud

The cloud has been in existence for some time now, but it is getting more investment attention. The cloud allows access to information from anywhere, and this type of storage also eliminates concerns of lost data if your device crashes. The cloud may be newer when it comes to technology areas, but it is not going anywhere but up.


Cybercrime has become more prevalent and widespread over the years and created the cybersecurity area of technology out of need. Investment in this area is a good idea as it will only become more advanced and innovative as time moves forward.

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