8 Quick Tips on How to Establish Business Credit and get Financing

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The correct credit score is essential because strong business credit scores can help business owners secure improved interest rates in financing. It might also contribute to decreasing the circumstances to prepay for a particular good or service. It also helps to ensure enhanced trade terms along with valuable suppliers in a specific industry.

One of the chief reasons people in business lack funding is the failure to understand their credit. In the American Dream Gap Report of 2015, approximately one in four trade companies do not know why their loan applications were rejected. Yet, trades that knew their business credit scores had 41% or more likely to get accepted for minor business financing. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Putting the Business on Map

If you have just initiated the business or are about to start the company, it might not be necessary to put yourself on the map. You can’t establish credit before building the business. For this reason, acquiring a business phone number and getting listed in the directory might be the most appropriate option. A credible company must obtain a phone number. Depending on your business’ nature, you might also be willing to open the bank account with your official business name and pay the bills with your official business account


The Establishment and Maintenance of effective Credit Relationships with Vendors and Suppliers

From a business perspective, an unbroken line of credit with vendors associated with an industry is the gold standard. Effective relationships are likely to assist you in preventing the payment upfront for services or goods. If you can secure a line of credit terms with suppliers who report the payments to business credit reporting agencies, you can create a positive business credit history. Your suppliers or vendors are not bound to report to the credit bureaus. Thus, it will be beneficial for you to be proactive and open accounts with these suppliers or vendors. The formation of effective credit relationships with the vendors or suppliers requires bookkeeping, to avoid payment-related ambiguities. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Acquiring the Employer Identification Number

In the business world, it is also beneficial to acquire Federal Tax Identification Number, also stated as EIN. This social security number is useful for your business. It depends on the nature of your business, and you may require opening the bank account by using your business name. Acquiring the employer identification number is likely to contribute towards securing your business contracts.

Credit monitoring

Approximately 25% of the business owners reported that credit reports are likely to possess significant errors. In this regard, the strict and regular monitoring of your business’s business credit history might assist you in identifying false issues and blemishes. In case you found the errors by yourself, you must file a dispute by contacting the reporting agencies.

Always Pay on Time

Paying on time is the first and foremost rule aligned with any favorable credit situation. Payment of bills within the provided timeframe indicates the reliability and ability of management, alongside the amount of debt conclusively. Considering late payments, specifically including obligations, tend to affect the rating of credits and harm the status of the company. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Access to a Business Credit Card

Possessing a credit card for business with an organization that already has an extensive credit report is a practical approach for creating commercial financing. However, be careful to avoid over-expansion of personal business financing.

Consider incorporating your business.  When adding Inc. or LLC to your company, you will legally separate your business and personal data. If you choose not to do so, your business and personal credit cards (among other things) will be legal.

Transfer business expenses away from personal finances

Once you have opened a credit card, a credit line, and a bank account, those accounts will be associated with your company’s legal name, keeping your accounts separate. Add your new company or Limited Liability Company; it will create a great distance.

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