8 Profitable Agricultural Businesses You Should Consider

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The arrival of Covid-19 in late December 2019 renewed concerns for food security worldwide. In addition to the ongoing pandemic, the looming threats of climate change and population rise further intensify global food security issues.

The demand for food has immense potential to drive the agricultural industry towards greater profitability.  If you aim to tap into the agricultural market, it is best to research before investing your hard-earned money into this venture. If you are considering starting a business, here are eight profitable agricultural businesses you should consider. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Organic farming

Organic farms and greenhouse agriculture businesses are all the jazz these days. Owing to an increase in awareness about the harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers, more people are now switching to organically grown food.  

According to a United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization study, organic farming is more profitable than conventional one. Although organic farms may initially have lower yields than regular farms, this is compensated for by lower production costs and higher prices for products.

  1. Beekeeping business

The changing views concerning healthy lifestyles and wellness consciousness have contributed to the increasing demand for honey. Several health experts suggest that honey has several health benefits.

So, if you aim for a lucrative agricultural business, beekeeping can be the right venture. Beekeeping has a relatively low initiation cost. Moreover, it has a huge established market both locally and globally. Do your homework, and you won’t face much trouble capitalizing on honey. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Snail farming

Snails may seem like an unusual choice. However, snail farming has a huge potential in the years to come. These fascinating creatures are rich in proteins, iron, and essential vitamins such as B12. Besides, snail consumption is considered a delicacy in several countries worldwide, such as France, Italy, and China. This agricultural venture has a low start-up cost and is expected to generate high revenues for you.

  1. Dairy farming

There is a common misperception among people that dairy farming is a highly capital and labor-intensive business venture. However, that is not true. Even with a small investment, you can initiate a small venture and then expand it over time. If you have adequate knowledge regarding modern rearing techniques and are open to the idea of a hands-on approach, this business can earn you good revenue.

  1. Dried flower business

Flower production is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the agricultural business. If financial freedom appeals to you, the dried flower venture is your answer. There is an established market for dried flowers where you can supply your product to hobbyists and craft stores all year round. To break even in this agricultural business, you will need to consider specializing in some rare flowers, and your venture will bloom. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Fish farming

Fish farming has also witnessed a surge over the past few years due to changing views around red meat consumption. Hence, this is a highly profitable agricultural venture in which to invest. You may, however, need to have proper knowledge of modern fishing methods and considerable start-up capital to begin this business. Once you have figured out these necessities, you are ready to jump into the pond.

  1. Fertilizer distribution

If you do not have a keen interest in farming, you can also tap into the agricultural supplies market. Fertilizer is a critical component of farming and is constantly used in heavy amounts. If you want to set apart your venture from other businesses, you may want to look into organic fertilizers that are environmentally sustainable. It will certainly foster a positive image for your brand and may also expand your clientele quickly.

  1. Mushroom farming

In 2017, the global mushroom industry was estimated at $38.13 billion. These numbers reflect the growing demand for mushrooms in the eatery business. Given the sizeable market mushroom farming enjoys, it presents a substantial money-making agricultural venture. A major advantage of mushroom farming is that it requires low investments. So, if you want to embark on the path of self-employment, mushroom farming may be the right choice for you.


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