8 online tools for freelancers you did not know you needed

There are many online tools for freelancers that you may not know about at first. When you first try these tools you most certainly will find them indispensable. Here is a list of some wonderful online tools for freelancers that will help make your life easier.

  1. LastPass

If you are tired of accumulating passwords in Word or Excel, we present you Lastpass, an online tool that will allow you to agglutinate passwords and access them from any device. There are many passwords that we store in our minds until some day we begin to confuse them all. With LastPass you can keep all passwords safely stored in the cloud. Of course, do not forget the password to access Lastpass.


  1. About.me

If you do not have a website and you do not have a cover letter, this tool will help you present your professional profile in a simple, very visual and professional way. In addition, few people know this tool so you can distinguish yourself and be great with your customers. About.me allows you to include name, brief description, studies, projects, as well as a biography totally personalized by you.


  1. WeTransfer

We have all had to skip that email that includes a file that far exceeds the mega established in a Gmail account or any email manager? WeTransfer allows you to instantly upload heavy files of up to 2GB, and share them (including only your recipient’s email address and a message). In addition, it is super-fast so you do not have to wait for hours to transfer them, or upload them to the cloud, nor wait for them to accept a previous confirmation message. Simply, you send the link directly to the other person to download it in a matter of seconds. In addition, you can send as many people as you want in just one shipment, indicating only your emails.


  1. Hootsuite

If there is something we do, the self-employed, it is manage everything: accounting, billing, social networks, blog, web … alone and using our time, effort and knowledge. The idea is to outsource this service; but if you do not have it and if you have professional profiles open to the public, you must update them constantly so that they have credibility. If you have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc., there is a tool, Hootsuite that will solve your digital management. You just have to include the post you want to write in each social network and leave them scheduled to be published when you deem appropriate. The idea is to make this weekly schedule on a Sunday evening so you can forget about this management the rest of the week and you can dedicate yourself to your own efforts.


  1. Genial.ly

If you know Canva, a tool that we talked about in previous post to create infographics in a few minutes, Genial.ly, simply put, you will love.  This tool is suitable for all freelancers who want to make their own presentations, documents, infographics, etc., in a simple and elegant way. It is very easy to use and with it you can even make posters, magazines and resources as they come to mind. You can add your own images, texts and share them on the networks. It’s great, it will surprise you.


  1. Freepik

All autonomous must have among your digital resources, a bank of images for the presentations that you prepare for your clients or for the posts to your corporate blog. And if this bank is free, it is even better. There are several that provide vectors, illustrations, all totally free images. Perhaps one of the best and we recommend is Freepik. It allows you to incorporate silhouettes, illustrations, and drawings to your presentations, making them more dynamic and fun (if your sector allows it, of course).


  1. Focus Booster

If you want to promote your productivity to 100% you must have this tool for “applied” self-employed, that is, those who set the objectives of 30 in 30 minutes. You can program your tasks and rest 5 minutes in the period that you mark: productivity in its purest state.


  1. ClassOnLive

One of the trends in online marketing is to approach our target audience through valuable content. Content marketing is increasingly imposed on our lives, not only in companies, but in people, and of course, in the self-employed. If you know of a specific topic, why not share it with others? To do this, create Webinars in a simple way with a landing page to your session, email reminders, registration forms, and payment platform and become an expert in the field.

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