8 Long-Term Investments You Should Consider for Your Financial Future

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Investments can come in many forms, whether it be passive or active income, short or long-term investments that will be fruitful in the future. If you are looking to be financially healthy and have great savings for your financial goals, you have to consider longer-term investments. The best way to determine your investment options is to hire a financial advisor to help you get the best terms. Even if you hire a professional, you should know about good long-term investments and their entail. Here are eight long-term investments you should consider for your financial future. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are investments in businesses with the potential for great growth. This high level of growth generally offers high returns on investment. These stocks don’t regularly pay dividends since most of these businesses’ profits get invested back into the corporation. Dividends largely come once the expansion begins to decelerate. If you are in for the long-haul, this sort of stock can pay off over time because growth stocks have steadily been the greatest stock performers on the whole.

These stocks are deemed higher risk because they can be susceptible to market variations. However, if you hold on to the stocks’ long-term, riding out those down times is all the shareholder needs to do to get a long-term payoff on their stock.

Stock funds

Stock funds are mutual funds and an excellent long-term investment for those who don’t have time to study stocks individually to invest. The stock fund’s return is based on the average return of all the businesses in the fund. Stock funds are commonly diversified, pulling in various businesses, not all in the same industry. This variation benefits over keeping it all in the same industry for those times specific industries will have a decline as a whole.

Stock funds are less risky than growth stocks because they are mutual funds with diversification. But they do still carry some risks in the market, of which you should be aware. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Bond funds

Bond funds are when a company or the government issues bonds investors can purchase. The company or the government pays the holder of the bond a specified amount of interest each year. At the end of the bond term, the bond’s issuer pays back the initial investment. Bond funds are a smart long-term investment due to their diversity and lower risk.

While a stable long-term investment, bonds have a smaller payoff, so if you are looking for higher return ratios, they may not be worth the investment.

Dividend stocks

A dividend stock is a stock that produces a recurring cash payout. Dividend stocks are often invested in because they generate a steady income. Dividend stocks are the best for growing dividends over time. Like with all stocks, they are the higher risk option because of the lack of diversification and market instabilities’ susceptibility. But they are a good resource of passive income when they are doing nicely as the dividends are paid out every quarter.

Real estate

Real estate is a great investment for flipping or the passive income generated over time as a rental property. Real estate is an excellent long-term financial investment because you can sell at any time if you need the lump sum revenue, or you can keep it for the long-term to earn monthly income. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Small-cap stocks

Small-cap stocks are almost like growth stocks, the main difference being that the businesses are relatively small. If you stay with small-cap stocks long-term, the pay-off can be considerable if the business you bought stock in grows significantly.

Robo-adviser portfolio

Robo-advisers are excellent if you don’t want to invest on your own. Robo-advisers leave the investing solely up to an expert. All you have to do is deposit capital into the Robo account regularly, and an investment professional automatically invests it based on your goals. The Robo-adviser is another diversified type of portfolio, which makes it have a high rate of return. It is also extra stable because of diversification, but that adds to its lower rate of return.  


An IRA CD is a good choice if you’re risk-reluctant and want an assured income without any risk of loss. Like the name says, this investment is just a CD inside an IRA. And inside a tax-friendly IRA, you’ll escape taxes on the interest you accrue, as long as you stick to the plan’s rules.

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