8 Benefits of Having a Blog

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The purpose of blogging has changed over time. The word blog is the short form of “web log.” It appeared the first time in 1990. It was unique and new back then, and people considered blogging to be a virtual diary or journal. However, it was confined to people who knew web development and were able to work on codes. If someone who did not know web development wanted to start blogging, then they had to hire professional web developers to do it for them. After 2000, it became more common, and websites like blogger and WordPress made blogging more user-friendly and profitable. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

There are numerous features that a blog can have, depending upon the blogger’s choice. However, there are some common features that every other blog has:

  1. About: It consists of details about the blogger. It tells the reader who the author is and helps the reader know about the blogger in detail.
  2. Content: Most of the space available on a blog platform is taken up by the content area where the blogs are published. It is advised to put the latest blogs on top and the older posts at the bottom.
  3. Contact area: It is not mandatory to have contact information displayed on the blog. The author can choose whether to publicize his contact info or not.

There are several benefits to blogging, and here are eight benefits of having a blog.

Better writing skill: A blogger has to be a good writer and produce better content to engage more people and get many readers. When someone writes frequently and keeps producing more words, then their writing skill is polished and better. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Publicity: When many readers visit a particular blog regularly, and the content is engaging, the blogger begins to get some good publicity. People only share what they like on social media. The blog represents the author. So if the blog is getting publicity, then so does the blogger. The blogger can ask people to share the blog on their social platforms.

Passion: It boosts blogger passion when the blog is customized and follows a proper niche. Passion is contagious; it attracts readers who share the same passion. Some people like photography, some like traveling, so the blogger gets to share the readers’ views and reviews.

Feedback: Every blogger loves appreciation and honest feedback. They love when people spare a minute to provide them feedback. The blog’s comment feature serves this purpose and the blogger gets instant feedback about the work and thus improves the blog’s content.

Networking: Many bloggers from different parts of the world write on the same niche and share common interests. Blogging enables the blogger to connect and expand their network internationally. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Selling: Blogging enables the selling of products on the blog as well. It can be done for a variety of different brands on a commission basis. Brands hire bloggers to sell their product because a famous blog gets numerous readers, and they can be turned into clients if proper strategy is followed.

Monetizing: A huge commercial benefit of the blog is monetizing it. Blogs can be monetized once they complete the requirements of the website. Some common requirements are having more than 700-words on the blog, frequently publishing the post (at least twice a week), and having more than 500 readers regularly. The websites verify the stats of the blogs, and then it enables ads on the blogs. Ad approval requirements also vary from country to country. Some blogs are approved quickly, while some have to wait at least six months before getting ad approval on their blog.

Paid Reviews: One more benefit that the blogger enjoys is being asked to review products. In return, the blogger gets either publicity or payment. Branding agencies look for bloggers with a good number of followers to get reviews for their products.

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