8 Amazing Tools You Can Use for Social Media Marketing

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With the arrival and rise of social media marketing, a huge cutthroat competition has broken loose. Everyone, regardless of the type of business, is trying to one-up each other. It is getting harder for a business to promote their brand and stay relevant due to all of this competition. Encouraging people to interact with a business takes a lot of effort through relevant images, videos, and attractive posts. There are also a few other tools a person can use that will help them get an edge over their competitors.  Here are eight amazing tools you can use for social media marketing. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Due to its massive popularity, Facebook is considered one of the best social media marketing platform for businesses. The best thing about Facebook is that, even though it is a social platform, it still promotes business and provides analytical tools that a person can use to see how many clicks they got on their post and post reach. Facebook also offers paid ads marketing options that a person can use to attract a more targeted audience. This option also allows a person to target the market of a specific country if they choose. Facebook is the top social media marketing tool because of its affordable marketing options that almost anyone can use.


If a person has a business or even a hobby related to making interesting, helpful, or funny videos, then YouTube is their perfect promotional tool of choice. YouTube also allows live streaming, and a person can also put paid ads on their video content and are paid per click. A person can also build a following on YouTube with content related to their business and other interesting stuff. It is so easy to post videos and maintain a channel on YouTube that almost anyone can do it. YouTube is one of the most effective and feasible free marketing tools there is out there today. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Pinterest is a platform that can market services and items through a visual plea. Pinterest can be the best add-on to promote products related to food, drinks, hand, and other craft, décor, men and women fashion, wedding accessories, etc. 


If a business needs public exposure, Twitter is the way to go. Content posted on Twitter with proper hashtags makes it more viral and easier to connect with people. Also, Twitter offers paid marketing strategy options.

Google Analytics

This amazingly handy tool is mostly used by bloggers to analyze their blog or site through Google. It was launched back in November 2005 and is free of cost. Google Analytics does not tell a person how many hits they got on their blog or site; it only tells about actual visitors that a site or blog has had, where they came from, and how long they stayed. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Instagram is the best way to promote a business through images. Instagram is a social media marketing tool that mostly charms people who enjoy sharing images. If used properly, it can be used as a promotional tool that almost everyone uses at this point.

Agora Pulse

Most minor business setup does just fine even with these social media marketing tools. However, using a marketing tool will surely aid their cause. Even though the Agora Pulse is the cheapest tool out there, it is one of the most effective and will surely be worth its price.


Most people probably have never heard of the tool known as Bitly. The reason for adding Bitly to this list is because it simply works. Bitly is a URL shortening tool that can make a long URL short without damaging. This tool is mostly used to reduce the URL size for a platform, such as Twitter, that only allows the maximum 140-character post.

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