8 Advantages to Using Electronic Invoicing and Billing for Your Business

Electronic Invoicing and Billing - Complete Controller

When it comes to starting and running a successful small business, technology has to be considered a crucial aspect of the business. Due to the nature of technology and the movement to online transactions, e-billing and invoicing have become more widely used by small businesses.

Most business owners, when starting, are not focused on the billing and invoicing process. There are so many concerns in the overall business operations that sometimes it can fall through the cracks. Electronic billing and invoicing are ideal and should be implemented from the beginning, and for already existing businesses, you should be upgrading to electronic billing. Here are eight advantages of using electronic invoicing and billing for your business.

E-Billing and Invoicing Customer Advantages Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Convenience is not only an advantage for your customer but to you as the business owner. By offering your customers various payment types, you are increasing your customers’ chances of paying their bills in full but on time. Customers using the option of paying online can choose when and where they complete transactions, therefore, ensuring on time or early payment.

Control of Finances

Because online bill paying is instant, this gives the user control over their finances. Sending a check takes time to arrive, process, and debit from their bank accounts, leaving time to possibly utilize the funds causing the check not to clear due to insufficient funds. E-billing eliminates this because instant account debit applies whether the customer chooses debit, credit, or e-check. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Email Reminders

E-billing and invoicing include automation to remind customers of their upcoming due date. Not only does it send reminders, but it also offers an option to “Pay Now” when it sends the reminder before the due date. This option increases the probability of the customer paying early.

Automatic Payments

Speaking of automation. Most e-billing and invoicing systems have an option for automatic payments. The customer can opt into this automatic payment debit. In some cases, the company can offer discounts or fee waivers for those using the automated option. Automation increases paid receivables by a large percentage.

E-Billing and Invoicing Business Advantages

Instant and Secure Invoicing

Invoicing is made convenient and secure by emailing the invoice to the customer with the mouse’s click. The invoices will also trigger automation for email reminders. At the time of the original invoice, there will be a “Pay Now” option increasing the possibility that the customer will pay before or on the due date.

Less Time Invoicing and Bookkeeping

Electronic invoicing allows you to distribute multiple invoices in less time to create and send one paper invoice. You can use automation to link invoicing to your bookkeeping software, which can save time spent reconciling accounts receivable entries. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Cost reduction

Sending automated e-invoices saves money. There are savings on time, mailing products, and postage. The savings can be quite a lot for high-volume businesses. Small businesses benefit from these cost savings the most since budgets are generally tight for small businesses.


Automatic reminders and electronic invoices can be saved on your business computer’s hard drive. You can also back up your files on external drives. Paper documents must be stored in filing cabinets taking up space and utilizing precious time to file them. Also, Invoices can be integrated into your accounting software, making it more accurate than paper document filing, which leaves the possibility of lost or misplaced invoices.


Because of security, accuracy, convenience, and quick payment, e-billing and invoicing quickly become the norm for accounts receivable. Whether you are a customer or a business owner, the benefits of e-billing and invoicing are numerous, and the disadvantages are few.

With more and more customers going online to find a payment solution that works for their needs, electronic invoicing and billing is an excellent tool for your business that provides your customers a seamless and enjoyable billing process. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers About Complete Controller® – America’s Bookkeeping Experts Complete Controller is the Nation’s Leader in virtual bookkeeping, providing service to businesses and households alike. Utilizing Complete Controller’s technology, clients gain access to a cloud-hosted desktop where their entire team and tax accountant may access the QuickBooks™️ file, critical financial documents, and back-office tools in an efficient and secure environment. Complete Controller’s team of certified US-based accounting professionals provide bookkeeping, record storage, performance reporting, and controller services including training, cash-flow management, budgeting and forecasting, process and controls advisement, and bill-pay. With flat-rate service plans, Complete Controller is the most cost-effective expert accounting solution for business, family-office, trusts, and households of any size or complexity. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers