7 Weird Ways to Make Money

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We all face changes financially; it is no news. Especially with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. More and more of us have had to face financial struggles, including finding interesting and new ways to earn extra income to cover our financial responsibilities. Your business may make a lot of profit for one month and go crashing down the other. Such is life. In such cases, people tend to find ways to make quick money with little resources. Sometimes you find ways to earn money in many creative ways. When you find yourself without or less money, then you should give one of these a shot. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Sell jellyfish!

Jellyfish is a weird way to make money. Jellyfish are not considered the cuddliest pet, but they are used for selling and making money. The least-exclusive kit on JellyFishArt.com costs $330. In that, a customer gets one jellyfish, a little tank, and enough food to last for three months. It may seem odd, but it will bring in some extra income and that is the point, right?

You can win cash as an eater

There are many contests on TV, many I am sure you have heard of and/or watched at some point, that gives you money when you win their eating contest. If you are a big eater, you may want to go to that type of contest. Firstly, look and check out the list of competitive eaters on Wikipedia or upcoming events on MajorLeagueEating.com. in that type of competition, many people have won more than $100,000 as prize money. However, be sure to prepare yourself because professional eaters that participate in these contests take it very seriously and can consume a crazy amount of food. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Playing the lottery

Playing to Lotto. It is a weird, amazing, and a game of chance in possibly winning an incredible amount of money. Many people happily take the chance because they consider the jackpot to be an amount of money that could make you rich. An amount that could set you up for the “good life”. However, you must realize the odds of winning the lottery and realize this is a game of luck. Also, there are ways to play a lottery with better chances of winning but also smaller jackpots. There are many free online apps like the app called Lucktastic. You will try free scratching on that app. They provide you a new variety of digital scratch-off tickets every day. There is a range of winning about 1 dollar to $10,00. 

You can sell your trash! 

Americans throw away about 266 million tons of waste every year; then, it turns into money for you to collect. In recent years, “dumpster diving” became so popular because it is a way to collect items of value and sell them to make money. So essentially instead of losing some profit toward a product, you get to keep all the money you make. You may think that it’s gross and there is no possible way that you can make enough money from the valuable things your find in the trash, but you would be wrong. Americans throw out a lot of valuable things, very often never used or opened. Your empty wine bottles, or your old magazines, things that could be sold online and earn money. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Use online banking!

Online banking services are easier to use than traditional banks. Even better they are also accessible, cheaper, and have better incentives.

Our one of favorites, Aspiration, offers that you will pay no monthly fees, and you will earn on your savings up to 2.00%. You can get access to an online account for saving and spending. You can easily access your money when you need it. Your spending account comes with a debit card that earns 5% cashback plus free ATMs. 

Now, you can easily make an online account keen on money-saving and using your money to work.

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