7 Types of Interviewers You’ll Meet During Your Job Hunt

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Everyone, literally everyone, must go through this phase of their life. Yeah, I’m talking about the interview. An average person changes his job seven times in his life, which means seven interviews and seven new interviewers. If you are preparing for your interview, here is the list of six types of interviewers you might encounter during your hunt for your dream job.

  1. The Einstein:

We all know giving interviews can be scary, especially when your interviewer is ready to tear you apart with his worldly knowledge. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business You can expect questions about the subject matter, subject matter, and subject matter again.

You should be preparing for this type of interviewer from your books; this type of interview requires good command of your respective subject and its applied side. You will want to become a bookworm if you want to pass one.

  1. The question paper:

This one will start asking you questions after questions as soon as you enter the room. You will not have enough time to start a conversation, and you will find yourself preparing for the next question. It would help if you prepared every possible question you could find online or any other source. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

  1. The traditional one:

This type of interviewer will suck the last drop of your problem-solving abilities out of you. He will take thirty to forty-five minutes to finish with each candidate, so you should be ready to be bombarded with every possible question. The questions are most likely to be repeated so you can consult the person who has been interviewing.

  1. The friendly one:

This type of interviewer is way too friendly with you. He will make you feel at home. You need to accept this warm gesture and go with the flow. Try to start a conversation and establish a bond, yet do not forget to cast a professional expression on him. He might be friendly, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take his job seriously. The best thing to do here is not to cross the boundaries yet answer his questions in the most professional way possible. You don’t have to worry much about this type of interviewer because you will not be as nervous with him as with other interviewers. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

  1. The grumpy cat

As the name suggests, you cannot impress him whatever you do. He will maintain a grumpy expression on his face or no expression at all. You will be uncertain about your answers and will never know whether your answers are right or wrong. These types of interviewers are most challenging to deal with, so the tip is to be confident about yourself and the answers you give because you will not get an appreciative smile.

  1. The professional one

He is the most balanced guy of all the above five. He is not too rigid, not too friendly; he knows well how to conduct himself professionally. You can expect a few smiles. The tip is to adjust to his mood and answer the questions carefully and appropriately.

  1. The busy one

He will make it look like he is the most active person on the face of the earth. You will find him going through his phone and mail all the time while you answer the question; you can expect the least attention from him. Please don’t get annoyed with his behavior. It is not the way to conduct oneself, yet you should not forget that these people have years of experience in their respective fields, so they know they can get along with a bit of attention. Please do not get distracted, and do not try to trick them.


Ultimately, I would like to tell you that no matter what type of interviewer you face, your interview can turn out successful when you are confident and grasp the job well. And whichever interviewer it is, why would he not hire you if you are worthy enough for the company and make them some profit?

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