7 Types of Interviewers and How to Prepare for the Interview

Prepare for the Interview - Complete Controller

The excitement of getting a new job and then starting it is unexplainable, but you must first get through the interview before you even get the job. Simultaneously, many will advise you on how to answer questions and present yourself. Another aspect of interview preparations should be learning the types of interviewers and how to recognize them. This knowledge could mean the difference between nailing the interview or failing it. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Every interviewer develops a distinct style. An average person changes his job seven times in his whole life that means more than seven interviews. Before going for an interview, it is wise to know about the interviewers and plan how one should face them. Here are seven types of interviewers you might encounter during the interview process and how to prepare for them.

The Geek

Interviews can be scary, especially when your interviewer is ready to tear you apart with their extreme knowledge of the world. These interviewers know a lot about the job description of the position you have applied for. Brace yourself for such an interviewer. You can expect questions about the subject matter, technical details, standard operating procedures, etc. There will not be any personal questions or informal details with this type of interviewer. You should be preparing for this type of interviewer by having a lot of job knowledge specifically related to the position and the company you are applying to. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The Shotgun

This type of interviewer will start asking you questions after questions as soon as you enter the room. Expect a shotgun that will not stop firing at you. You will not have enough time to start a conversation, and you will find yourself preparing for the next question. It would be best to prepare answers for every possible question you can find online or from any other source. Such interviewers ask questions that can be HR based or revolve around your professional knowledge.

The Classic

This kind of interviewer will follow the classic and traditional style of interviewing. The classic interviewer will ask about your skills and your future plans, and your past work experiences. This kind of interview takes thirty to forty-five minutes to finish. You can research many questions online about this traditional kind of interview. Some of the questions are most likely to be repeated so you can consult the person who has been interviewed before. Most classic interviewers love to ask scenario-based questions, so be prepared with a few examples from your past work experiences.

The Calm

These kinds of interviews are what all job-seekers hope for when stepping into an interview room. Such interviewers will make you feel at home, and all you need to do is accept this friendly gesture and go with the flow. The calm interviewer will not make you feel nervous. These kinds of interviewers are tricky as well. They will find out about your strengths and weaknesses without judging your knowledge. Try to start a conversation and establish a bond, yet do not forget to cast a professional impression on this interviewer. The best way to handle a calm interviewer is to remain professional and not get too comfortable. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The Judgmental

Judgmental interviewers believe in the phrase “the first impression is the last impression.” It is difficult to decipher what these interviewers are thinking, as they are extremely difficult to read. They are likely to maintain a grumpy expression on their face or have no expression at all. You will be uncertain about your answers, and you will never know whether your answers were right or wrong. These interviewers are most difficult to deal with, so the best tip here is to be confident about yourself and the answers you give because you will not get an appreciative smile.

The Professional

Professional interviewers are the most balanced and will often have set criteria of outlines for the interview. They are not too rigid, not too friendly, yet they know how to maintain a professional appearance from start to finish. You can expect a few smiles and maybe even a few indications of how well the interview may be going. The tip here is to adjust with their mood and answer the questions carefully and appropriately.

The Distracted

This type of interviewer will make you feel as if they are the busiest person on the face of the earth. You will find them going through their phone and mail repeatedly while answering their questions, and it can be highly distracting. Do not get annoyed with this behavior. Do not get trapped and lose your concentration while answering them. Take the questions seriously and answer them after thinking twice. Do not try to get his attention. Do not get distracted and do not try to avoid the questions.

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