7 of the Top Money-Making Apps and How to Use Them

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Your mobile or other smart devices can become a money maker. This income is possible because you can install it on your smart device or phone for free. Using these money-making apps can be a fun and easy way to earn extra money and even replace your income. Here are seven of the top apps to earn money and how to use them. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


The Foap app allows users to make money by uploading and selling their original photos and videos. When a business, individual, or brand purchases one of your photos or videos, you split the profits 50/50 with Foap. You can use photos or videos you’ve previously captured or earn higher pay by taking new ones through different missions set up by the app. It is an enjoyable way to use your photography and videography skills while earning money. This app asks for the user to have a PayPal account to receive payment.


This app is perfect for the individual trying to get a lot of steps in every day for the health benefits. On Sweatcoin, you make $0.95 for every 1000 steps you take, encouraging you to take a lot more steps a day as this can add up. The money you earn is not in cash, but it earns you credits you can use for shopping at 300 plus retailers. The truth is, if you’re walking anyway, why not get some free stuff while you’re at it? Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


eBay is an excellent resale app that has been around for years. Depending on the items you offer on the site, the potential for earning a great income. Some vendors that sell on eBay have developed a business around discovering things at thrift stores and yard or estate sales and restoring them or selling for a profit. On eBay, it is an auction sale that includes selling items at a “Buy It Now” flat price. For some scarcer or heavily sought after items, it is best to set up an auction sale as the competition can occasionally drive the price much higher than anticipated. All dealings are done through PayPal, making it secure. There are a few fees; however, most are negligible in comparison to the returns.


OfferUp is as if eBay and Craigslist were combined to make one app. OfferUp used to be an app for local sales of unwanted or second-hand items within your region. But it now has the added aspect of shipping open it up to the world like eBay. The great thing in contrast to eBay or Craigslist is that it is free to post or sell your items. You predetermine shipment costs at the time of publishing so you can contemplate it when establishing a sale price. If bought locally, you can save money on the shipment and schedule a meeting with the buyer.


Mobee is a secret shopper app that presents tasks in your region. If you choose the objective, it gives you directions on what to do. The tasks could be taking a survey or taking a picture inside the store. When you complete tasks, Mobee pays you with points that can be exchanged for gift cards to various shopping sites and businesses, including Amazon. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Acorns is an investment app that uses your spare change. Acorns rounds each purchase to the nearest dollar through a connected bank account and use that “spare change” to invest. This investment app is excellent for first-time investors that don’t have a lot of money to invest. However, it does have a maximum amount of money you can make to help you determine how to use it. It also has a small monthly fee dependent on the level selected.


TaskRabbit is an app that facilitates you to get paid to accomplish physical labor services in your vicinity. You set up a user profile with the skills and services you offer, and individuals hire you to help them out. Some of the more common tasks are moving, cleaning, rearranging furniture, mounting a television, etc. If you aren’t afraid of some physical labor, you can make a good side-hustle from TaskRabbit.


There are many other money-making apps, but these seven apps are the best to start making money today. And some of them are even fun!

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