7 Mobile Business Management Apps

Mobile Business Management Apps - Complete Controller

It seems that it was just yesterday computer solutions made their first steps into the management of macro companies. Almost two decades later, most businesses are managed using some mobile business management app that facilitates remote or telework regardless of size.

The following are applications that have to do with billing, social networks, content, task planning, and time control: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

1. GSuite: The Star Among Mobile Business Management Apps

This is Google’s smart apps package that allows you to remotely work in the cloud through services and features such as Gmail, Google Calendar and Drive, and Hangout for instant messaging.

Any self-employed entrepreneur will access the benefits of GSuite from their mobile device. It is a must-have out of the set of mobile business management apps.

2. Business Evernote: Multitasking Function

This is a multifunctional tool that acts as a digital plan, project manager, data collector, or synchronization system for shared workspaces, so you do not lose sight of your or your team’s productivity. It is a classic staple in business management apps.

3. Hootsuite for Your Social Media Strategy

If your business has a social media presence, you can manage your publications through Hootsuite both automatically, as well as manually. In this way, you can continue to have a presence from the mountains, beach, or all other free spaces between clients. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

4. Google Analytics: Without Losing Sight of the Traffic

Do you wish to know the traffic ratios to your website at any time and place? Set up Google Analytics on your mobile to monitor the number of visits your post or blog generates.

Tracking these results will give you the keys to optimizing your Inbound Marketing strategy. These results will also allow you to get to know your user better by monitoring their behavior on your website at any given time.

5. Sésame: Not Another Hour or An Hour Less

Do you want to know how much time you will devote to job management under the beach umbrella while on your dream vacay? With Sésame, you can count the time you spend on each particular task, regardless of your geographical location.

Also, as the manager of a company, you can obtain the schedules and attendance sheets of your employees during your absences.

6. Trello, Mobile App for Management and Internal Communication

Trello is another online tool with its own app created to improve the productivity of your business. This tool is a visual and intuitive project manager that allows you to plan tasks, attach files, and add labels, comments, and/or descriptions. You can also set the due date of the task and communicate with the project manager if you need to give personal attention to the project. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

In addition, the free version covers most of the needs generated by a project manager.

7. LastPass, Unlimited Access to Your Sites

Cybersecurity has also been prioritized among mobile business management apps. During the holiday season, it is more likely that you change your device when connecting, thus making secure passwords essential to protecting vital information. LastPass is a password management software that saves all your passwords in one place.

All in All

More businesses, small or large, are opting to advance mobile enterprise applications for their work. As a result, the idea of mobile apps being only intended for big organizations is a thing of the past. Here are some of the few reasons why businesses need a mobile app:

  • Helps you keep your customers engaged.
  • Facilitates promotion of the product(s)
  • Generates feedback
  • Strengthens your brand name
  • Develops customer loyalty and a lot of things.

It’s all just one touch away!

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