6 Things You Need to Know to Start Your Freelance Business

Freelance Business - Complete Controller

Becoming independent and starting a freelance business can be a scary endeavor. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding things a person can do. Though you will have clients who dictate their terms and needs, you are your boss, and you can pick and choose the clients and jobs you take. Starting a freelance business has become more common in this economy, requiring people to have a primary job and some side gigs to help them make ends meet. Here are six things any freelance needs to know to start their freelance business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Who is Your Client

Knowing the client, you will serve extremely important to the freelancer. This will determine how you conduct your business and how you market it. Marketing will be wholly focused on your pre-determined target audience, and this is why you need to be familiar with who your client is. Some freelancers have skills in multiple areas; however, they will need to determine each client type separately and focus ads and marketing individually to get business.

Your Niche

While as a freelancer, you can do multiple types of work, be careful not to try to do anything and everything, and try to focus the bulk of your freelance career on one niche. When you focus on only one or a few freelancing types, you can build your business to success. There is still a place for the multi-talented freelancer. While you don’t want to divide your focus, you need to balance it with what will provide you with the steadiest income. So it is highly recommended you stick to one niche for the most significant results. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Determining what services you offer is dependent on deciding your niche. The services you offer are essentially sub-categories of your main niche. If you are unsure of what type of services you may have, find freelancers in the same niche and see what services they offer. Also, base them on your skills and experience.

Keep Your Main Job

While freelancing can be gratifying due to the freedom it gives you in the work you take and the hours you work, it is also sporadic in the income you earn. Unless you can take the loss of income, it is suggested that you keep your primary source of income until your freelance income covers at least 50 to 75% of your primary job income. Once you get to that level, when you quit your job and have more time to dedicate to your freelance work you will quickly make up the last percentage. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Keep Up Your Skills

Continuing to build your skills can give you a significant advantage in the competitive freelance world. Also, the higher your skill levels are, the higher the pay. You can take on small and quick tasks that gain your skills even though they don’t pay as much. This skill gain will pay off and make up the difference in your earnings in the long-term.


Many freelancers have difficulty pricing their work, and websites that help freelancers attract clients generally take a fee from your payout. Hence, you have to compensate by charging more considerable fees. When setting prices for your work, you should consider skill level, experience, abilities, and the market. Also, it would help if you built your business and reputation before raising your rates. You can’t be just starting and charging high rates. You have to develop it over time. How much time depends on how much work you take on and how quickly you build your skills and reputation.

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