6 Things You Can Do to Help you Successfully Recruit Recent Graduates

Recruit Recent Graduates - Complete Controller

When it comes to hiring new employees for your business, there are several places you can look for qualified candidates. One of the best places to find qualified candidates is in the area of recent graduates. These candidates are entering the marketplace with a fresh perspective and attitude. Graduates are also looking to begin their long career after having spent time furthering their education.

Because graduates are coming in eager to do a great job and use their newly acquired knowledge, in many cases, they are the best candidates for the job. For this reason, getting these candidates to work for your business can be highly competitive. Besides salary and benefits, you need to offer these potential employees incentives they can’t get anywhere else. Here are six things you can do to help you successfully recruit recent graduates. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


While it is true that the recent graduate will have gone to school for many years, and you may not think they would want to learn more, they expect training specific to your business. Offering high-level training that is advanced and thorough will be key for retaining employees, especially graduates.

The graduate will hold a different standard for training since they have just graduated and are still education-minded. Their expectations will be set high when it comes to the training they receive on-the-job.


Most candidates looking for a career will decide the company they work for based on advancement opportunities. If your company does not encourage growth and pursuit of opportunities, you may not attract recent graduates. This potential employee just spent anywhere from 4 to 8 years furthering their education with the idea that they would get opportunities to advance in their career within the company at which they work. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


New graduates have a different perspective when it comes to work and work-life balance. Many employees, especially graduates, look for flexibility in the work environment and schedule. If you allow flexibility within the hours your business operates as far as to schedule, you will find employees that will be more productive and long-term. Graduates will be looking for a reason to work at your business, and flexibility will go a long way in helping them choose your business in which to work.

The Latest Technology

New graduates will generally be advanced when it comes to the latest technology. While it is understood that a business may not afford the latest technology, you should add it to your budget. You should be consistently ensuring that your company has the latest technology they can afford. Having outdated technology and equipment is good for everyone and should be a priority. One way to entice a new graduate as an employee could be to highlight all the technology your company offers.

Sense of Security

New graduates, especially those who have not been in the job market, are generally nervous about starting a new job and keeping it. To draw these candidates to your business, you need to offer them job security and growth. This can be done through a contract signed by both the employee and the employer, guaranteeing specific needs. These candidates also need to have confidence that your business will grow and thrive. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

You should also be able to offer graduates competitive salaries, benefits packages, and bonuses. Having great compensation packages is another way you can offer job security.

Investments and Incentives

Many graduates are just looking at the future as far as their job is concerned. They are also looking at investments. If your company is publicly traded, you can offer your employees stock options. Owning shares in your company can be a way to entice candidates to work for your company instead of one that does not offer the opportunity to own shares.

To further attract new graduates, you could also offer tuition reimbursement. Student loans, after credit card debt, are the highest form of debt people have. Some graduates spend years paying back student loans. Therefore, if your company can afford tuition reimbursement, this would be a highly attractive incentive for a new graduate to work for your company.

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