6 Rules to Remember When Focusing on Marketing to Seniors

Marketing to Seniors - Complete Controller

Marketing is an area of business that needs focus, but many don’t understand how to market to those in people groups they may not be a part of and often forget them altogether. While there are products and services used explicitly by senior citizens and marketed to them, they use many products and services that are not tailored for them. Seniors should not be forgotten when it comes to your business’s marketing plan.

Though it is suggested that you focus some of your marketing on seniors, unless your product or service is made for them, you have to be careful of your choices when marketing towards them. Many marketers make mistakes that will turn seniors off to their product or service. Here are six ways to market to senior citizens and avoid common mistakes. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

The Language

Every generation had its slang that can be looked back on and remembered fondly. It is crucial that you don’t use current slang or sayings when you are focusing on seniors. You don’t have to dumb things down, either. Many marketers make the mistake of either using terms that senior citizens do not use, or they talk down to them like they are children. Be straightforward and informative, and entertaining. Also, find something that all or most seniors will connect to as it has the most impact.

They are Not Dependent

So many advertisements portray seniors as helpless or unable to do things for themselves. While it is true that some seniors do need more help than others, for the most part, they are independent and vibrant. When marketing towards seniors, it is essential that you don’t offend their young-at-heart spirit. Please think of the seniors that are in your own life and how they live. You can also think about how they make choices in the products they use. Generally, the older generations are more practical and want to live out their days enjoying their lives as independently as possible. You will have a successful marketing campaign if you tap into that spirit. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

They are Not the Current Generation

Try to find out the reason why the older generation would be interested in your product. The product showing what it can do for the buyer always wins. People are more interested in knowing what they can do with the product than what the product is about. However, the same strategy might not work for the older generation for the younger ones. Take a moment and think about how you can grab the elder demographic’s attention and realize they are not part of the current generation and don’t want to be marketed to as though they are.


Though the older generation is split on their level and usage of technology, it would be wise to use familiar media for advertising when you are targeting seniors. The elders of our generation used catalogs to order goods and still love to use them. They also still like to read their news or entertainment in print, so they also love to peruse the advertisements. While you should use technology and platforms for your marketing efforts to appeal to seniors, you should use print ads. Exit Advisor

Avoid Total Automation

Seniors are generally opposed to automated systems when they need help. If they call customer service or have questions, they generally like to speak to a live person. While some things are handled online or through automated systems, you should have live agents people can speak to for assistance. If you have a live option for customer service, you should focus on that fact in your marketing.


Because many seniors have more time on their hands, they spend a lot more time on the internet than most. You mustn’t assume they will be technology challenged and not on social media. Therefore, don’t be afraid to market to seniors on social media and other platforms pointedly. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring seniors on social media.

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