6 Risks You Should Consider Before Using Cloud Storage for Your Business

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The popularity of cloud storage has increased rapidly over the last few years. Almost every business, large or small, uses cloud storage to meet document storage needs. Cloud storage streamlines the storage of documents and saves money in the process.  

But with the upcoming technology trends, experts have said that cloud storage has some significant security risks. Many companies face these security issues because they have to entrust their business’s security to third parties that may or may not be in their best interests. Here are six of the risks you should consider before making the final decision on using cloud storage for your business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Limited control over data

When a business uses cloud storage services, it has to deal with security issues such as loss of control over sensitive data. When using third-party file sharing, the business’s data is being taken away from the business, causing the company to lose control over the security of that data.

Also, if the information is back up in cloud storage in real-time, there is a high possibility that unauthorized access can occur. The best way to avoid this would be to get relevant files/data encrypted before using cloud storage.

Leakage of data

Many businesses do not use cloud storage because they fear that it would risk losing their data or having it leaked.  This fear is because cloud storage is a multi-user platform, and most of the resources are shared. Also, it is a third-party service, leaving the data at a significant threat of being used by others or misused by the provider.

Cloud storage also faces external threats because the cloud storage accounts can be compromised and fall prey to hackers or malicious attacks on the internet. The best strategy to tackle this would be to use stronger passwords and encryption methods. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Bring your device

A significant security threat has been increasing in cloud storage as companies have given employees the option to work on a BYOD (Bring your device). This trend increases security concerns even more because the devices can be insecure.

Although they provide a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee, using cloud storage on various devices can result in data loss if the devices get lost, stolen, or misused by a third party. This misuse will result in a loss of essential data of the company to third parties who may have the ability to breach the company’s security and steal information valuable to the company. 


Without proper security measures, online data stored and maintained on cloud storage is highly vulnerable to being hacked or attacked by malicious viruses or online threats. The transmission of data itself on the internet is a significant threat. Information is not safe from vicious online security threats until encryption for authorized access only occurs. The best way to deal with this is high-security encryption. Third parties or foreign bodies cannot access or view the data of the company or organization. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Key Management

Managing cryptographic keys have been a high-security risk for many businesses. Since the introduction of cloud storage, it has become necessary to perform improvised management processes. These processes can be done by securing the management process from the start and be automated, inconspicuous, and continuously active.

Cloud Credentials

The main attraction and benefit of using the cloud are that it allows and offers almost unlimited amounts of storage. This limitless storage means that all the business information and the customer’s data storage could breach data that third parties run. Even though the credentials protect the data stored on cloud storage, they are at a high risk of getting compromised. Encryption of data is a safe way to protect all data stored on the cloud storage to avoid losing important information like the bookkeeping records of a company.


Using the cloud is not a new concept. However, it is still in development when it comes to a business data storage option. While there are many pros, there are some cons to using cloud services for company data storage. It has many conveniences so the drawbacks should be considered and you should decide whether the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages.

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