6 Easy to Start Online Businesses You Can Start NOW!

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Starting an online business used to be a thing of the future and difficult to do. Now, starting an online business is not only simple, but the cost for a startup in most cases is so low that almost anyone can bear it. Many wantrepreneurs stay in the dream stage and never pursue starting their own business into a reality because they think they can’t afford it or lack the skills.

While there is truth in the fact that starting any business carries some risks and takes some guts to do in the case of online businesses, many of them can be started and run while you don’t quit your “day job” for security. This fact has now eliminated your last excuse, and it’s time to go from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur. Now let’s make it even easier for you to get going and start your online business today! Here are six easy to start online businesses you can start NOW! Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Start a Listicle Blog

A fun, easy, and cheap business idea that anyone with some creativity can start is a listicle blog. A listicle blog is a short-form blog that uses lists as the key structure of the blog. These blogs are quick to create, and the costs to start the site will be obtaining the domain name and website hosting, which is minimal and can vary depending on which hosting site you use. The other option is to set up your listicle blog on an already established blog site, which can be completely free in many cases.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling or promoting products for websites or sellers. When you market a product as an affiliate, you make a commission for every item that sells due to your efforts. The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to deal with the product shipping or other aspects of the sale. You are presenting the product for sale to audiences to which you have access. Most major online retailers have affiliate programs. You merely need to sign up, set up payment arrangements, and start posting and linking to products. How you do that is up to your creative mind. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Selling Your Products and Services

If you are creative, you can make your products or services to sell or offer online and start your own online shop. There are site builders that help you build a website for little to no money, and you can attach shopping tools that will give your customers the ability to order your products or services through the site. You can also join websites that charge you a fee or a percentage of sales to have a shop on their site. Social media is another way you can sell or offer your products and services, and it is free unless you pay to take out ads on the sites.

App Building

If you are creative and have great app ideas, you can make money by creating an app. For the cost of app creating software, you can take your app idea and make it a reality, then offer it through app stores on various devices. Depending on how in-depth the app is, you can charge upfront for the app or have in-app add ons or ads as ways to monetize your creation.

Stock Trading

While stock trading may seem more like investing than a business, with the options available online when it comes to playing the stock market, it can be a profitable full-time job. Since most of us didn’t go to school to become stockbrokers, this online business will require some research. This list is also a bit more expensive at startup, depending on how much the minimum investments are. If you have a bit of startup capital, you can start this business right away. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Professional Freelancer 

Freelancing covers a multitude of industries. If you have a skill that you can hire out for contract work, becoming a freelancer is a great business to start. The best thing about freelancing is you aren’t limited to one type of skill if you have more than one that people may seek.  If you have a skill and want to start your own business, freelancing is the way to go. Not to mention, you get to do what you love and not what you don’t!


There are so many online businesses you can start quickly. These six are businesses you can start today with little to no capital. A few things to keep in mind when starting an online business. Choose something you will love to do, make sure you can afford the startup, keep your main job until your online business equals at least 70% of your current income, and don’t be afraid to start more than one type of business.

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