5 Ways to Monitor Your Restaurant Performance

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The process of restaurant monitoring involves the gathering of data about the performance of the entire restaurant. This includes the individual performance of employees and other factors. The system collects the data necessary to find the causes of the failures of the restaurant. This helps with planning for further development of the information base of your restaurant.

All the collected indicators of the restaurant are saved and available for further analysis. For each of the indicators, relevant analytical tools are provided: diagrams, alarms, and reports. Bookkeeping is a valuable tool that can also be used in this process. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

If the reviews of your restaurant are not more than 100 per week, you do not need a monitoring system. If the feedback is much larger, or important for you to know, you need a monitoring system.

Monitoring the key performances of a restaurant can be difficult. Also, monitoring the trends and preferences of your target audience is important.

Monitoring and Key Performance Indicators for Restaurants

  1. Staff management

Salary expenses (%) – expenses for wages, as a percentage of sales.

Total labor cost (%) – the amount of salary costs and other costs that cover insurance, retirement, pension, and other taxes included in your payments as a percentage of sales.

Labor time (hour) – This indicator is especially useful for comparing sales with the productivity of staff. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The function of labor load (for the time-based form of payment for personnel)-Executives usually charge a surcharge to the service staff for the amount of wages.

The average duration of employment- A way to test your progress in retaining staff is to add the total number of weeks that all your people worked for you and divide it by the total number of staff.

Average hourly rate – Divide the total wage by the total number of hours worked by your staff.

  1. Production management

The cost of food (%) – The cost of food, expressed as a percentage of sales of dishes at a price in the menu. This indicator can be used both for specific dishes and for all products in a public catering establishment. This indicator (28-35%) helps to properly form and control the price of the dish.

The total cost of products – This shows how big your total cost of products was. Equal to the average prime cost multiplied by the number of units of measure. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Cost price per customer

The cost of production of dishes (%) – This figure is calculated as the cost of production of dishes to the sales of these dishes. Bar products (alcohol, drinks, etc.) are not considered.

Labor costs for the production of meals menu (hour) are the number of hours worked compared with sales to measure performance.

  1. Office of the restaurant (Front of House & Restaurant Management)

Total sales per person are the ratio of sales to the number of customers compared with the previous week or month. Analysis of fluctuations are at different times of the day.

The number of customers is a simple indicator and a good measure of your popularity.

Analysis of the cost of uniforms, aprons, tablecloths, etc. These costs can easily shock you! The productivity of personnel determines the labor costs of the staff of the hall (waiters). The ratio of sales (the amount of closed accounts) of the waiter to his labor costs. Customer satisfaction is a general characteristic, based on the analysis of feedback information, complaints, and other methods.

  1. Sales and management functions

The effectiveness of marketing and advertising costs are basically your marketing and advertising costs that are comparable to your income from them. It is a difficult indicator to measure, but definitely worth it.

The number of pre-orders, one should be attentive and active enough to get the orders in the week and a month, and so on. Especially at peak times, for example, for the New Year.

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