5 Ways to Extract Value From Customer Data

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The emergence of the internet has offered companies with more data than ever before. Multiple online platforms and networks use data collected from customers to identify trends and emerging patterns in consumer behavior. No matter what industry a business operates in, critically analyzing and leveraging value from consumer data can provide the company with a competitive edge that will help them stand out in the face of competition. 

Why Is Deriving Value from Customer Data Important?

Customer data helps businesses identify their relationship with their general audience. For instance, a company that sells organic skin products can determine which product is performing the best. A company that sells high-end products can gain insight to sell to a different niche. A company can use data to identify if its price points are working for its target audience. 

Whatever the corporate and business strategy of the company, customer data can help managers and owners keep abreast of changing patterns. Gathering value from customer data includes basic customer information, behavioral trends, and even attitudinal tendencies that will help make critical decisions for the company.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Types of Customer Data

Four primary types of customer data can be collected and then used to devise essential company strategies, et cetera. No matter the type of data collected, its primary purpose is to better understand the customer’s needs because, after all, the customer is indeed king! 

Basic Data 

Primary data include surface-level customer information such as their name, contact number, residential address, and so forth. This type of data helps with the general bifurcation of audiences by demographics such as their gender, geographical location, and income bracket. 

Interaction Data 

This type of data provides a deeper level of data collection that deals with more qualitative information such as what the customer thinks of the product, how they interact with the brand if they are captivated or engaged with the company content, et cetera. Companies can set important, fundamental key performance indicators with such data, including link clicks, downloads, website visits, and bounce rates. 

Behavioral Data

Behavioral data extracts much more detailed information, such as what the customer does with the product after purchasing it and returning to the brand for more. This kind of data also helps brands identify their typical customer journey and even convince their audience to choose a particular lifestyle. 

Attitudinal Data 

Attitudinal data helps companies identify their brand perception with the audience. This perception helps businesses understand what the customer wants, where it is lacking, and what strategy they need to compete.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Extracting Value from Customer Data

There are five ways to extract leverage customer data and use it efficiently. Companies must master the art of sifting through tons of online information and identify ways to create value from customer data to target their pain points. Below are the different ways in which companies can have their cake and eat it, too! 

Understanding the Power of Big data can be overwhelming to have access to millions of bytes of data. Large companies have the financial muscle to hire a specialized team to turn this raw data into understandable graphs and reports that managers and supervisors can use to develop brand strategies that will materialize in their interest. There are multiple management platforms available that are built for the specific purpose of categorizing data for companies. 

Invest In an Analytics Software 

Platforms like Google, for instance, provide analytical software that further organizes data into understandable chunks for organizations dealing in customer services. Once you acknowledge the importance and potential of data for your business, you will want to get as many tools on board as you need to decipher technical information. According to their financial abilities, there are multiple analytical solutions present in the market for small, medium, and big companies.  Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Leveraging Historical data

Businesses can use past data such as case studies to learn essential lessons from previous years. Managers can use this data to look at past trends and predict the company’s future. 

Use Social Media As a Data Source

Social media is a great place to get customer traffic and listen to current customer perceptions. Hashtag trends and other challenges get customer engagement and help companies capitalize on other marketing trends and extract value from customer data. Many companies have also become market leaders based on how much traction their content receives on social media. 

Automate Operations

Automation is a process that helps the top management streamline the functions of the entire company and its departments. Automation encourages companies to provide customer service and deliver better day-to-day operations. Also, it works well where there’s a massive amount of data as it enables the company to extract the relevant information and customer data.


Organizations can use multiple innovative solutions to extract value from customer data to compete in the market efficiently. With the business arena getting more competitive and cluttered, companies can use data to stand out by providing customers exactly what they want using data-driven insights that will give them an edge. Lastly, the more precise the understanding of the audience’s needs, the more innovative a company can be by saving up on essential resources like time and money. 

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