5 Top Tips When Choosing A Secure Document Storage Company

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Even in small companies, a significant number of security measures should get put in place. These measures are necessary to monitor commercial activity, personnel work, bank statements, and other operations.

When determining the period of storage of documents in your business you should consider and the need for further work with the documents. If documents are no longer needed depending on the document type destruction may require unique regulatory materials to apply to the document destruction process.

Also, document management at each business should include instructions on record-keeping, rules of work with documents, regulations on structural subdivisions of the enterprise, and job descriptions.

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Who is responsible for organizing the storage of documents at the enterprise? 

The owner of the business or the person authorized by the owner is responsible for the safety of documents. The chief accountant of the business performs control over compliance with the schedule of document circulation. Therefore, management should first create conditions for the storage of documents and authorize other employees (in particular, the chief accountant) to perform the appropriate actions. If necessary, also appoint the head of the archive

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Terms of storage

The terms of storage of documents (including primary documents) should get approval in terms of cases – a mandatory for each institution; a systematized list of names of cases formed in its office work. In this case, the requirements of the current legislation should have consideration. For the primary documents, registers of accounting, financial accounting, and other documents related to the calculation and payment of taxes and fees, the maintenance of which is specified by the legislation.

On the other hand, the primary documents for tax report submission will need storage for at least 1,095 days. The primary documents related to the audit of the tax notice-decision should have safekeeping in case of an appeal.

Storage in accounting and other structural division

All documents are kept according to the terms. The security in the structural subdivision is set up by its manager or employees responsible for organizing office work. 

There are many ways to choose a secure document storage company. 5 top tips while selecting a reliable document storage company are: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  • The best way to choose a secure document storage company is to consider access to your essential documents and files. It is necessary to select the right solution for your document storage that offers legal and controlled access to the
  • The environment and people should be trustworthy and requires monitoring for privacy and security purposes, and you can trust it with your sensitive files.

  • The document storage company should be able to respect the privacy and security of your offsite histories.
  • While choosing a security company for document storage, keep in mind that it should never undervalue the cost-effectiveness of your document’s storage.
  • The document storage company should have the policy of insurance for your file and document archiving.
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