5 Things You Should Do with Your Time When You Have Achieved Financial Freedom

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Many people work hard specifically to get to financial freedom. It can take many years and lots of discipline, budgeting, and saving to achieve this hard-earned goal. Some have worked for so many years that they don’t know how to spend the extra time they have on their hands once they achieve financial freedom. Here are five things you should do with your time when you have achieved financial freedom. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Spend time with the people you love

Time is precious and now that you have more of it, spend it with your loved ones. Success is not only financial; it is the quality of life you have to show. Most who have achieved financial freedom have done so by sacrificing time with their family and friends, making up for lost time. Invest in quality time with your partner, children, parents, and friends because your children will grow up, your parents will grow old, and you never know how long friendships will last.

It’s time to take that money you sacrificed and worked so hard for and take some shared vacations or visited family and friends that aren’t nearby.

  1. Develop a new hobby (or restart an old one)

Hobbies are proven to be morale and mood boosters. Ask anyone who has a hobby they love, and they will tell you it is equal to therapy. Therapists often use hobbies to help patients redirect anxiety and depression because of the benefits. This will be a time of spark and self-discovery if you don’t already have a hobby. You will need to ask yourself, what have you always wanted to do but didn’t have time to do? Some people pick up gardening or fishing, others golf, or do needlepoint, yet others go into extreme bucket list mode and go skydiving or snorkeling. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

It doesn’t matter what you choose, pursue something that will bring you joy or soothe your soul.

  1. Get Physical

Though some hobbies may include a physical aspect, this is about taking time for your health through physical activity. Chances are if you worked a lot to get to where you are financially free, you didn’t have time to go to the gym or take a scenic hike or run in the park. Now is the time to take your health in your hands and spend the extra time doing physical activity.

Physical activity could even lead to finding other things you are passionate about and trying them, like dance classes or hiking clubs. Any way you slice it, get moving!

  1. Finish the things you started

Time to finish what you started. When you work hard and many hours, you may find it hard to finish anything you started that wasn’t attached to a work deadline. Now is the time to do everything you have on your honey-do list. The accomplishments you make will be satisfying, and your family and friends will benefit from it. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Find a new passion

Just because you reached financial freedom doesn’t mean you have to stop working. However, this is your chance to find your passion and possibly open your own business or do something outside your comfort zone. Financial freedom makes it possible for you to assess your life and see where you want it to go without the pressures of “having” to work. Now is your chance to take that leap of faith and follow a new dream or an old one you put on a shelf.


Time is a commodity many of us don’t have when working hard to achieve financial freedom. However, once that freedom is achieved, it’s time to show time who’s boss and take it back. Give it to people, hobbies, activities, and your passion instead of the grind. You will be happier, and so will all those in your life.

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