5 Steps to Help You Find Your Business Idea

Find Your Business Idea - Complete Controller

Many people come to a point in their life where they decide they would like to start their own business. Maybe you are feeling underappreciated or that your talents are being wasted working for someone else. There could be many reasons you have decided to strike out on your own, and you need a business idea.

Before you start the process of choosing a business idea, make sure you are well-rested and ready to open your mind to the possibilities. Here are five steps to take to help you find your business idea. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

You Don’t Have to be Original

Don’t apply too much pressure on yourself to come up with the next new thing. Search business ideas others have already successfully launched and maintained. There are so many business types, from the smallest home-based businesses to owning and operating a franchise business with major corporations’ branding.

Look for those businesses that tap into some level of desire or passion and explore them to narrow down the type of business you want to start. Once you have narrowed down the business type, look at ways to be unique or tap into a niche market. You don’t have to deviate much from the original business idea to add your brand.

Brainstorm with Someone

There is nothing that says you have to do this alone. Though the contemplation is for you to have sole ownership of the business, getting another person or, better yet, a team of people to help you brainstorm ideas can be productive. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Gather together, and if possible, have a whiteboard or drawing pad and express that no idea is a bad idea. If you are having difficulty connecting with someone to brainstorm, there are many online sources of articles or forums with multitudes of ideas you could add to your possibilities.

Turn Your Talent into an Idea

Everyone has gifts and talents often paired with untapped potential. Now is the best time to identify your talents and skills to their fullest extent and look for business ideas that use those talents and skills. This time is also where you can discover your passion.

So many times we get into long-term jobs or careers, we started of necessity and suppressed our passion and leave our talents to gather dust. Now that you decided to start your own business, it’s time to dust off your talent, gear up your skills, and ignite your passion.

Solve a Problem

Many businesses that exist today that have great success are those that solve a problem. Please make a list of problems that people face. Make sure it is a problem that most people or at least a group of people face. If you choose to solve a problem, only a few have, you will not sustain a business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Even if there are already solutions out there for a problem you would like to solve, you can own a business in the market and still succeed.

Look Around for Inspiration

Open yourself up to look for inspiration everywhere. You can look at businesses that exist in your community or look online. Also, look for Inspiration that has nothing to do with the business. Inspiration and ideas can come from anywhere, and seeking inspiration will guarantee you find it.

Artists have muses or use nature or their surroundings. Those same sparks can inspire business ideas. You have to be open to the possibilities.


The ideas don’t have to come out of your mind, fully formed and perfect. Keep the thought that no idea is a bad idea and throw them out and narrow down to the ones that you feel a pull towards. Once you have narrowed it to one idea you have a passion for, it will be time to start planning.

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