5 Steps to Create and Sell Your eBook

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Many people dream of being an author and having their work published. While there are still traditional ways to get your work published by submitting your manuscript to a publishing house and waiting for rejection or acceptance, the Internet has provided other options to get published.

In the last 20 years, eBooks have become more popular year over year. While many will still opt for curling up with a good book, flipping pages as you march through the story, avid readers love the option of downloading a book immediately and reading it on their various devices.

Therefore, as an aspiring author, creating and selling an eBook can offer you an option to get published quickly and independently. Here are five steps to create and sell your eBook and where to sell them.

  1. The first step will be to write about what you know.  ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits Dedicate a couple of hours a day until the project is finished. You will be amazed to know that there will always be people looking to know about it for any subject. 

For example, if you are a yoga teacher, know a lot about diets, are experts in archeology, etc., there will always be people interested in learning from you and listening to your advice.

  1. The most important requirement here is to be constant, perseverant, and have the patience to write all your knowledge. Those who know a lot about a specific topic and would love to write a book to sell it on the Internet have trouble writing.

There is the option of looking for someone to do it. Today many people are dedicated to performing this service on the Web and do not charge too much. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

  1. The next step will be the creation of a Web page in which you can sell your book. Although this, to many people, is read a bit complicated initially, you should know that everything is getting easier with practice. First, you have to acquire a domain and hosting space on a server

The cost for this is minimal. Your investment will be around $80, and what you will receive in monthly earnings will be much more than that.

  1. Finally, after creating the eBook and the website, the last step is to find people who wish to promote their book to sell it. One of the options is to register with Clickbank. This is an affiliate platform in which online sellers register to search for products and sell them on the Web.

This method does not guarantee that you will sell many books because it will depend on how many affiliates want to promote your book and how effectively they promote it.

  1. Do you not want to deal with the creation of a website? Are you looking for a very simplified way to sell eBooks online? Do you not want to create a Web page? Suppose you want to dedicate yourself to writing your eBook and putting it on sale online on a platform where people are already going to buy. In that case, the ideal option for this is to create and publish electronic books on Kindle and sell them through Amazon. Later in the article, I explain how this option works. LasPass – Family or Org Password Vault

Selling on Clickbank

When you put your book on sale through Clickbank, always offer the highest commission to affiliates, 75%. If you offer the highest payment, more books will sell. For example, if the product costs $80, $60 will be paid for the affiliate, and you will earn $20.

Never put filters that can truncate affiliate commissions, for example, other payment options (Western Union). No one wants to work hard to have their commissions removed. That’s something that many Clickbank sellers do, and obviously, they sell the least. So you do not do that. 

Always put yourself in the position of the one who is promoting your book and ask yourself if you would promote e-books or products that have commission filters on their sales pages. Of course, I would not do it.

Experienced marketers will look at these details before starting to promote any product. See which products are the most sold in Clickbank. You will see that they are the ones that do not have filters, the ones that pay the most, and those that do not have those annoying Opt-in and Pop-up in the sales pages. The content of your book has to be interesting too. 

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