5 Steps to buying a new property

The country is constantly going through ups and downs. Although much is said in crisis, there are opportunities in several segments, and real estate is one of them. With the downturn in the economy, after years of growth, what happens is a huge availability of real estate: that is, for those who have been scheduling to buy real estate, whether new or used real estate, the time is now.

Choosing forms of payment that are consistent with the family budget to reach the purchase of that good – which represents stability and security – is one of the important aspects around the subject. This, and many other points that will need to be decided by those who decide to take advantage of the time to buy new property are addressed here in this post.

Keep up the good work and know the top 5 steps to buy your new property!



  1. Define how much you will spend

For those who are going to buy property in installments, a detailed analysis of the budget and the family income is essential. Taking into account all costs related to housing, when assuming installments of a property, is to ensure financial health to the business. Important to keep in mind also, when thinking about financing a property, that the maximum possible to commit to their installments is 30% of income.

Regardless of whether your purchase will be in cash or installment, it is important to do accounts. When you buy a property, in addition to the cost of the property itself, fees and taxes levied on the transaction. So having these costs clear, and counting them, will allow you to have the exact notion of how much you will use when buying property.



  1. Choose the best one for you

Buying new property will allow you to make an advantageous acquisition under several aspects, one of them being the first resident, and receiving a brand new property. Buying new real estate is also ideal if you want to pay off most of the value, since there are lines of credit specially created for this type of acquisition.

Buying property in the plant is an excellent choice for those who are not in a hurry to move. For those who have time to wait for the delivery of a property, buying it at this stage of the venture will allow you to enjoy better prices than the real estate ready. The builders, even, offer possibilities of customization of the apartment or house, when bought in the plant. That is, you, in addition to better prices, may still have a property in your own way.




  1. Decide on the most appropriate form of payment

In cash

If you’ve been making a financial reserve for some time, thinking of buying real estate, great! This is a form of payment full of advantages:

  1. Greater bargaining power
  2. No impairment of monthly income with installments
  3. Possibility to take advantage of cash payment offers




Real estate consortium

Who wants to enjoy the advantages of pay cash you will find in the real estate consortium the right way to make your purchase. The consortium is an established way of buying in a planned way. By joining it, you will have the value of the desired property – total or entry – divided into monthly installments, and will purchase your apartment or house by means of a letter of credit.

Every month, those who have a real estate consortium have a chance to be contemplated, as the lottery draws happen in assemblies with this periodicity. After contemplation, the consumer will undergo credit analysis and may buy his new or used property, and also invest in the purchase of land, construction or renovation.


  1. Look for the ideal property

Buying property requires a good deal of certainty about what you really want for yourself and your family. Because it is a heavy purchase in most people’s lives, it is necessary to do so with the utmost certainty of what is wanted from the present moment and about the future yearnings.



  1. Find the Right Place

When it comes to living well, it is not enough to have the perfect property: it needs to be in the right place, and in line with your lifestyle. Therefore, to close the deal, check carefully if the property you are looking for is in a place that can meet your housing expectations.

If, for you, having schools nearby is crucial, before closing a deal, be sure to check out nearby education options. In order to avoid relying on the car all the time, having trades around the selected property is essential: bakeries, supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores and free-trade fairs, when easily accessible, are amenities to consider.



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