5 Stay at Home Businesses You Can Start Now!

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Many people daydream about owning their own business but often let that dream go due to the difficulty of successfully running a company. Nevertheless, one corner of business ownership is more easily obtained for those dreamers, the stay-at-home business. Having a stay at home business can be profitable and fairly easy to start. Here are the top five stay at home businesses you can start NOW! Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Second-Hand Selling Online

Second-hand or used selling has stretched to other platforms besides eBay, and in some instances, you can sell used items for zero fees to the hosting site. Platforms like Amazon, eBay, and other international platforms present a way to sell items worldwide. They come with fees and some selling limits. These fees and selling limits can be surmounted effortlessly by a knowledgeable dealer. Social media and sales apps offer the ability to sell locally and be profitable and without fees. Having a company website or business page and using the marketplace on platforms like Facebook allows both local and worldwide selling for free. Fees only come into play if you use their promotional ads. This kind of selling is not for the lazy. You have to obtain, refurbish, list, respond to customers, and ship items or meet for the exchange. Nevertheless, some have made this kind of stay at home company exceedingly profitable, making the work worthwhile. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


While it may be valid that any person with a smart device can take stunning photographs, photographers go beyond what they offer. This company is equally as fast to start but does necessitate photography equipment. You can get a decent digital camera and lenses, basic lighting tools, and good photography software for under $2,000, sometimes well under if you’re a savvy shopper, and get started. The photography company requires creativity and patience but can be profitable, especially if your photography is unique. But, keep in mind, this company is extremely competitive, and you will need to stand out and offer high-quality final results.

Home Baked Goods

If you ask most bakery owners how they began, they will tell you they started with a stay at home bakery company. The operating cost is low as you only need to buy the ingredients in most instances and occasionally additional baking equipment. This stay at home company does require a lot of time to be profitable, and you must love to bake. Some successful home bakeries specialize in one kind of baked goods, making it simpler to keep its low operating cost and a lot of baked goods. Some baked goods can even be distributed, such as cookies and certain pastries and cakes that would hold up and taste great upon arrival. Since it is a food-based company, be sure you research the health department requirements for a stay at home food service company. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is among the most popular stay at home companies because you can easily start your company if you can write. While it is fairly competitive, freelance booking sites and virtual classified sites such as Craigslist or Fiverr are where writers can put themselves up for hire. Numerous blog sites will pay for blogs if taken after submission. Even if your writing skills are modest, you can take free online writing classes to enhance your writing and use some relatively low-priced editing tools to make your writing shine and give you a competitive edge.

Social Media Specialist

Social media is the number one way that every company, large or small, uses to market. While larger corporations will have more advertising dollars to spend on print, television, and billboard ads, they will still have a strong social media presence for marketing. A social media expert will publish and promote a person or a company on social media platforms. Often, company owners are so concerned with their company’s operations, so they will hire a social media specialist to do it for them. The social media specialist is another company that only requires a bit of social media knowledge, and you can start it now with no overhead.


Though there are hundreds of stay at home company concepts, these are among the top five due to ease of start-up, low overhead, and demand. The information about these five should help you decide to be your boss and start your stay at home company NOW!

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