5 Small Businesses Easy to Start for Little to No Money

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Since the pandemic and even before it, people were already looking to start a small business. Many people who are starting a small business already know what they want to do as they dreamt of owning their own business. Others investigate a new endeavor due to circumstances or other business ambitions and have not yet chosen a business to open. It can also be expensive to get financing, so many looking to branch out into their own small businesses are looking for low startup costs. Here are five amazing small businesses most people can start for little to no money. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Blogging:

If you are a good writer and have something to say, starting your blog can be quite easy to do for under $100. It can even be done often for under $50, depending on what measures you take when starting the business. There are multiple ways you can earn money being a full-time blogger.

You can earn money advertising and selling digital products such as E-books. You can also earn money using affiliate links on your block site and cross-linking to other monetized sites. Generally, the main cost for blogs to get started is purchasing your domain name and setting up web hosting through a professional. There can also be costs involved if you need help building your website. However, many websites offer free templates to build your blogsite. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Consulting:

Consulting is also a business that can easily be started almost immediately. Many people have been in the workforce for many years. During this time, they have often received formal education as well as gained experience over the years. These years of experience can build towards becoming an expert in a product, service, or work field. This expertise can lend itself to a very successful consulting business.

Your consulting business will also require you to get a domain and build a website. It would be best if you kept this as low cost as possible to stay under $100. You will also need to invest in your appearance, including your clothing and your business card. Consultants often do a lot of networking in person; therefore, your appearance and great-looking business cards will be important when networking. So you may have to invest a bit in your wardrobe and having cards created for you. However, that cost can still be low if you are thrifty.

  1. Freelance Writer:

If you are an excellent writer, you can start a business for well under $100 as a freelance writer almost immediately. In the case of a freelance writer, it is unnecessary to have a website for people to go to; however, it could help the future as you build your business. The most important thing for the freelance writer is to get themselves out there for hire periods. There are multiple websites you can sign up on as a freelance writer offering your writing services. You can also run ads on websites such as Craigslist. Many sites where you can run these ads have zero costs, or if they do have some cost involved, it will be minimal and well under $100. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

  1. Event planner:

Event planning is another business that is easy to start for little to no money. Most event planners can start their business by planning events for friends and family and expanding by word of mouth. While it is ideal that an event planner has a website eventually, it is not necessary to start the business. Because all of the event’s costs will fall on the shoulders of the person the event is planned for, there is little to no overhead.

  1. Professional Organizer:

Becoming a professional organizer can be lucrative and cost little to no money to start. People frequently need help cleaning and organizing their home or office due to a shortage of time or energy to get it accomplished. If you are good at organizing, you will need to run advertisements, which can be done for free of charge or modest cost, and use social media. You can also make flyers to use in your vicinity to inform people of your services.

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