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The accountant will always be one of the most critical employees because the profit and prosperity of the company largely depend on him. But a good accountant is different from the rest. A bad employee is easy to recognize. Even if an accountant works for a huge corporation, the volume of work is no reason for delays. In addition, in our time, modern technology greatly facilitates work. A qualified accountant completes the preparation of reports no later than ten days after the end of the billing period, and a week is enough for him for a preliminary report. Today, this is no longer a pleasant trifle but a business requirement: efficiency and personnel are everything. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

It Optimizes the Business

Your accountant came to you as an ordinary employee, barely coped with 1C, and confused the processor with the system manager. And now, a few years later, he has become quite comfortable, constantly telling you about next-generation computer technologies. Now, for the third time, he brings you a plan to reform the accounting system. We hope you understand that it is worth making him a chief accountant. If an employee manages to create a system with which you can improve the efficiency of enterprise management and accounting, or at least make suggestions for optimization, he is almost irreplaceable. In addition, it is always worth encouraging employees who grow effectively within the company. You will only benefit from this. Or maybe your accountant does not know how to extract the folder from the archive but knows how to benefit from the latest amendment to the Tax Code. Tax laws are frequently updated and need to be constantly monitored. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

All Records are Kept in Order

Among accountants, people with a mathematical mindset are a lot of creative people. One of the well-known and ineradicable traits of creative personalities is disorder. And no matter how much their parents scolded them in childhood, these people still prefer to work in disorder as adults. It does not matter if the work is done well. It is worth being on the alert; the mess on the table can sooner or later get into the account. A good accountant keeps the details of all your documents in the database, not in desk drawers and not on bright stickers. 

Organizing Management Accounting

Classical accounting has a pronounced tax-oriented character. However, within the framework of such accounting activities, it is impossible to solve investment problems or effective strategic planning. Perhaps you are lucky, and your accountant maintains management accounting for the enterprise. Such an initiative should not go unnoticed because he took on a great responsibility. It suffices to say that if the financial report is prepared quarterly, you can prepare the management report daily. In addition, higher mathematics, complex analysis, and statistics are much more often used in management accounting. A good specialist always strives for new knowledge, and management accounting can become a further step in the professional growth of an accountant. The main difference between financial and managerial accounting is that the financial report covers the “past,” the transactions of the company that have already been carried out, and the managerial one answers the question: What can improve the company’s efficiency in the future? By the way, this is the difference between an accountant and a financial director. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

For Large Enterprises

The financial statements consist of a balance sheet, a notice of financial results, a statement of changes in equity, a statement of cash flows, and a statement of the intended use of funds (only for non-profit organizations). In addition to the ability to read the balance sheet, knowledge of the primary accounting accounts, based on the specifics of the activity, will not interfere. For example, if you are using the primary taxation system, you need to understand the VAT accounts (incoming and outgoing), as this is the first thing the tax office pays attention to. It is necessary to have information on fixed assets on the balance sheet. Be sure to control accounts receivable and accounts payable. Without such control, there is a risk of falling into a cash gap situation, which entails unpleasant consequences.

For Micro-Enterprises

A simplified accounting form, which consists of a balance sheet and financial results statement, is allowed (individual entrepreneurs can also use it). To correctly plan the budget, you need to see regular costs: the wage fund and payroll taxes (personal income tax, pension contributions, and contributions to the Social Insurance Fund). It is imperative to know the amounts for taxes and credits/loans, as these are priority payments that cannot be delayed, and control over them must be constant. It is also good to calculate profit based on available data without a balance sheet, and it is better to do this monthly or at least quarterly.

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