5 Qualities to Look for in a Professional Bookkeeper

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Bookkeepers are the need of every single business, whether small or large. When starting a small business, having a bookkeeper can be invaluable and define its success or failure. When obtaining financing, it would be in your best interest to hire a professional bookkeeper rather than attempting to handle the business’s books on your own. On starting a small business, bookkeeping is something that defines the success or failure of a business.

It might be a challenge for an employer to hire the right professional bookkeeper who is skilled and affordable. These challenges can be overcome by understanding what your business needs when it comes to bookkeeping. Here are five qualities to look for in a professional bookkeeper. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Knowledge of the Latest Technology

At present, the world is making use of technology to increase its productivity and stay competitive. Today, bookkeepers must not only know standard bookkeeping, but they also need to be tech-savvy and understand how to use the most efficient accounting and bookkeeping technology. Furthermore, a professional bookkeeper needs the skill to point out any inaccuracies in the data going through the technology is a necessity. Staying in touch with innovation should be the core skill of a bookkeeper, for example, knowing software that helps run specific niches of the business.

Great Communication Skills

The work of a bookkeeper isn’t bound to a single thing. Instead, the person must have the ability to work alongside other teams. For this reason, the bookkeepers need to have great communication skills to convey their message properly.

The world has evolved so much that it has taken the shape of a global village, where one country can work for another country quite easily. A business owner looking to grow his business must get hired by people of other countries. A business will get not only international clients but also the benefits of foreign exchange currency. Communication can be a call, mail, or even a social media message. This is why a bookkeeper must have great verbal as well as written communications skills. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Education in Basic Accounting

A bookkeeper must be good at accounting basics and have experience in bookkeeping to become an expert in their skills. Employers are looking for skilled bookkeepers with the appropriate education and experience to entrust with their finances, which are of high importance to any business.

Every bookkeeper must have a basic knowledge of the principles of specialized bookkeeping. Professional certification is a must for any individual in the field. Gaining experience and knowledge by working under a supervisor is a plus for any bookkeeper desiring to expand their career. The experience gained makes a bookkeeper a professional and in demand by businesses both large and small.


Accuracy is critical to the bookkeeping professional. A single error of one digit can cause tremendous problems. Attention to detail is a skill that all bookkeepers should possess, as accounting mistakes can destroy even the most successful business in the products or services they offer. It is understandable that people, even professional bookkeepers, are human and can make mistakes. However, they should be skilled and detail-oriented enough to catch and correct any mistakes before any damage can be done. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Organization Skills

One of the most important skills to look for in a professional bookkeeper is their organizational skills. A bookkeeper who knows how to organize their data and keep records up to date will be successful, and therefore so will your business. Working with a lot of unorganized data is a part of the job, but a bookkeeper can save a lot of time through proper organization.


Besides the five skills stated above, a professional bookkeeper needs to be committed to what they do in the business. Through this commitment, a professional bookkeeper shows that they value their clients and their business. This value makes them important to the companies they work for and strengthens the business by keeping on top of finances.

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