5 Lead Generation Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

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To emphasize the importance of an effective lead generation strategy, we must first go back a little. Are you aware of the teacher’s analogy who challenged his pupils to fill a pot of stones, pebbles, sand, and water as efficiently as possible?

By prioritizing the larger elements and placing them first in the pot, the teacher could optimize its volume. Your company needs a similar mindset when having lead generation tactics implemented in its inbound marketing strategy.

An inbound marketing strategy consists of stones, pebbles, and sand. Which big stones are the most indispensable to your strategy? What pebbles are secondary tools that support your business? And what small elements or distractions represent the sand? All of these come down to defining a successful strategy. And companies who fail to develop a successful strategy do so because they fail to recognize five crucial elements. And neglecting these elements turn into mistakes that lead to failure. Here are five lead generation mistakes made by small businesses and how to avoid them. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Neglecting the Importance of Good Content

Strong content plays a significant role in lead generation. It includes the tools used to drive traffic, like your blog, SEO strategy, the PPC, and social networks. Creating compelling content is the key to help you emerge as the leading informational leader in the industry.

As the saying goes, it’s easier to catch flies with honey. Honey is the content, and it is even better when the honey is fresh; that is when the content is new and topical. Businesses neglect the importance of good content and start applying unnecessary SEO techniques beforehand. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Not Capitalizing on All Leads

If information about your website’s visitors isn’t properly captured likely, almost half of them will never come back to your site. A valid e-mail address is the best thing a marketer can expect, but visitors are not always inclined to share this type of personal information. Call-to-action buttons such as “Sign Up Here” have almost become synonymous with “We’re going to spam you,” and that’s what most companies adopt as a strategy that leads to failure.

Not Using the Right Lead Generation Tools

A successful customer lifecycle requires optimizing the process to convert visitors into leads. Unfortunately, there is a gap between the traffic generation and lead generation phases, which often gives rise to unique visitors who neglect attempts to obtain their information and will never hear from you again.

Lead generation tools like free trials, webinars, video tutorials, etc., fill this gap and provide value to visitors in exchange for their contact information. Most companies today ignore the importance of using the right tools and fail to deliver to their clients. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Not Using the Landing Page Effectively

Landing pages are another important asset that converts visitors to leads. This can be any page an individual reaches after clicking on an ad or other online marketing item. 

Note that landing pages are independent of the company’s website and are typically used as a single marketing campaign tool. Landing pages serve two purposes: capturing leads and attracting potential buyers and taking essential steps before moving a customer into your sales funnel. Using false information on the landing page’s advertising source leads to disasters in the marketing campaigns and tends to cause a poor lead conversion.

Not Prioritizing the Leads

It’s also important to prioritize leads based on how engaged they are with the inbound marketing content and ready to make a purchase. Well-defined lead scoring helps in identifying the interests of your leads. This technique quantifies prospects’ interactions with your content by assigning points to different engagement types. If leads are prioritized correctly, it becomes easier to differentiate those ready to make the purchase.


All of these mistakes can be overcome if you add a little effort and be smarter. And the smartest choice is to outsource your lead generation activities to a qualified online marketing service that can make you a strategy that fits all your needs. Good luck!

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