5 Characteristics of a great entrepreneur

There are many types of entrepreneurs, but they all have these 5 characteristics in common. Describing an entrepreneur may not be an easy task since there are all kinds of them. From the man who started his business with a pallet cart and now has an ice cream shop, to the young man interested in the technology that managed to raise the necessary capital to through a crowdfunding platform to launch its startup based on an application for smartphones. No matter how you started your business or how long you have been in it, all entrepreneurs share 5 essential characteristics:


  1. A Great Entrepreneur Mixes Vision with Execution

When we think of successful entrepreneurs, we think of visionaries. This will be true in some cases, but in reality the best are those who manage to combine their vision with the ability to make things happen. In fact, good advice for those who want to start a business is to spend less time developing ideas and more time carrying them out.


  1. They have the Ability to Find Unusual Solutions

A good entrepreneur often has excellent problem solving skills; but they also attack these problems with creativity.  They don’t do this because they are eccentric or unconventional, but because they simply have a different way of looking at things. These types of people know what resources they have and how to make the most of them using different angles, they tend to find unusual solutions or exits where other people do not see them.


  1. Are Willing to Work More than the Account

The task of creating a successful business is long and heavy. The hours are intense and the success rate is relatively low. It takes a long time to generate momentum and the amount of work it requires is unquantifiable for those who have not tried yet. A successful entrepreneur is one who has spent tireless hours working on his dream, who has had to choose to go to work instead of resting for a weekend or holiday, this is part of the beginning of a successful company.


  1. They can Reduce Complicated Information in Actions

In general, any problem related to a company or business can be reduced to two or three main components. A good entrepreneur can identify these factors and make key decisions for the business.


  1. They are Very Effective with their Team

An entrepreneur is one who knows how to interact effectively with all kinds of people and gets the best of each. Growing a business means increasing the number of people working in it, so a good entrepreneur will know how to choose his team and find the best way to get good results from the activities or responsibilities of each of them.

As you can see, all entrepreneurs meet these characteristics because facing the task of creating a business from nothing is not easy. It requires excellent organizational skills, communication, management and leadership to achieve what is sought.

Another of the most admired skills in an entrepreneur is knowing when to use technology in their favor, as in the case of electronic invoicing. By implementing an electronic billing scheme in your business or company, you will reduce costs, save time and be able to use resources that you previously targeted for billing processes in other areas of the business. All this will help you grow more effectively.

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