5 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Blogger

Freelance Blogger - Complete Controller

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to drive prospective clients to their products and services. Using conventional print, tv, and sign ads are normally not done for small to mid-sized companies. These businesses opt for more digital-based marketing approaches. One of the most popular tactics is using freelance bloggers to add relevant content to your site to boost search engines’ visibility. Here are five benefits to hiring a freelance blogger. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Boost Site Traffic

Freelance bloggers exist for the sole purpose of digital marketing. If you hire experienced freelance writers, they will offer you content that creates buzz and site traffic flow. The boost of traffic is due to the blogger using highly-searched keywords while providing well-written, relevant content that offers value to the reader. Good freelance bloggers will also be mindful of word counts as the amount of content is important to register on popular search engines like Google. While word totals should be high, the blogger needs to keep the content readable and engaging and with the least amount of unneeded words possible to meet the counts. Check with search engines to pinpoint what the latest ideal word count is for an optimized blog.

Boost Client Base

While freelance bloggers tend to be more focused on exciting content that will land new prospective clients on your site, influencers or bloggers like to focus more on your products and services. Blog posts aim to use highly-searched keywords to boost your site on search engines than using ads and “about” sections of the blog to promote the company’s products and services.  Influencers or bloggers will use social media to emphasize and advertise your products using their impact in particular. Linking your business to somebody who knows how to make their voice and opinions matter to large numbers of prospective clients has huge returns on increasing your client base. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Boost Credibility

Again freelance bloggers are more about getting traffic to your site. On the other hand, influencers can boost your standing, especially if you’re in a highly-competitive business. But both freelance bloggers can have a hand in boosting credibility though in different ways. Freelance bloggers lend credibility to your knowledge as a company. A prospective client will feel safer about making a purchase or booking a service if they believe they are dealing with a specialist. An influencer boosts your credibility by simply sharing your product and service with their social media followers and telling them they like it and why.

Produce Leads

Getting prospective client leads is one of the highly challenging tasks to conquer for a business owner. Having a blogger or influencer bringing traffic to your site will help if you have a call to action when the individual comes to your website. There are also the possibilities for the prospective client to sign up for new blog post notices or to be on a mailing list that could be used as a lead to introduce them to your products or services. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Boost Social Media Publicity

Influencers or bloggers are especially useful for creating more social media publicity since that is their primary source of influence. Most owners have trouble keeping up with social media platforms. At the same time, and will use their influence to publicize your products or services. They can also use social media platforms to influence others and attract prospective clients. Freelance bloggers can also use their social media platforms to promote your blog and their posts.


Hiring freelance bloggers to boost your business is a great way to boost site traffic and your client base, strengthen your credibility, produce leads, and boost social media publicity. Ultimately, hiring good freelance bloggers and influencers will boost your profits.

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