5 Awesome Accounting Software to Consider for Your Business

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Accounting and bookkeeping are a part of every business, no matter the size. Most larger businesses have entire departments dedicated to accounting, payroll, and the business’s financial workings. Small to medium businesses may or may not have staff dedicated to accounting and bookkeeping, but most small businesses resort to handling their accounting and bookkeeping through software. While most users will immediately jump on Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, known for its vast number of features and user-friendly design, other accounting and bookkeeping software are considered. Here is five accounting and bookkeeping software to consider for your business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


GnuCash is considered an extremely simple and user-friendly bookkeeping software. It is a great alternative to other bookkeeping and accounting software because it has efficient services and works with the vast majority of operating systems, including Mac and Windows PCs. Those who use it say its design is easy to use and integrated into your business no matter the size.


TurboCASH is the perfect accounting tool to manage financial activities specifically for small and medium businesses. The greatest thing about TurboCASH is that it can handle more than one business at a time. So if you have multiple businesses or want your business and personal accounting and bookkeeping needs in one place, this software makes that possible. It is also an open-source accounting app that provides financial management services to financial businesses, and because of the open-sourcing, it has an incredible online community for support. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

NCH Express Invoice

The NCH express invoice software is used to generate invoices, orders, quotes, and forms. Just as the name implies, this software is not as much an accounting and bookkeeping software as it is an invoice generating software. It still makes this list because users say it has great use in their business, and it is often used in concert with accounting and bookkeeping software that doesn’t have features that include invoicing.


Wave is an accounting application integrated to run home business bookkeeping and is mainly used to provide cloud-based services specifically to cater to accounting activities. This accounting application is used to manage the finances of small and medium businesses. It is also best known for having a user-friendly design with great service and features and excellent functions for small to medium businesses. Wave is also considered a highly-efficient software that is free; however, it will incur some costs if you want to include some of the upgraded services it offers for a nominal fee. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex is designed to manage accounts for small businesses and household finances efficiently and effectively. It is user-friendly, has excellent accounting features, and it is easy to use between devices. Like TurboCASH, Money Manager Ex is an open-source tool designed to deliver usable accounting services.

Accounting, bookkeeping, and invoicing software are not limited to one brand or service through some software that may be more recognized or widely used, such as Intuit’s QuickBooks. Some business needs are such that more expensive accounting and bookkeeping software would waste precious small business funds.

When deciding what software to use to take care of your business’s accounting and bookkeeping, you must do some research and get what you can afford to do the job you need to be done. When deciding what software to use, the other thing to consider is whether the software will still work if you meet your business plan growth projections. You can switch to an upgraded software to accommodate your business after growth. Sometimes, this change can cause issues, so you may want to consider an accounting and bookkeeping software your business can grow into rather than one that fits your current needs.

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