4 Things You Need to Know to Have a Successful Blog for Your Business

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While the notion of blogs was started in the early nineties, it is only in the last eight years that blogging has been legitimized as a viable business marketing tool. This idea of using keyword-heavy blogs with value to drive traffic to your business site has grown and has been integrated as a large part of online marketing for businesses of all sizes.

The key to marketing through blogging is still developing as, year-over-year, blog size, and keyword requirements change and grow. Blogs that attracted traffic to your site five years ago may not register on search engines if the word count is too low or the keywords that were focused on are no longer optimized. Here are four things you need to know to have a successful blog for your business. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Choose Timeless Keywords

Even if your business is unique or considered niche, you can choose keywords to build your blogs around to lead people to your site for years to come. First, it is good to do searches using words that have to do with your site’s business or planned subject matter. You can see how many people use certain words or phrases during searches through free search engine analytics. The idea is that you want to find words that don’t have too much competition and are high in the number of people who use them to search.

To ensure the keywords are timeless, avoid words currently trending but may not stand up over time. These trends can be current vernacular or catchphrases that will be gone in a few months or years.   Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Focus on Word Counts

While year-over-year, the word count requirement needle moves up, you should know what the minimums are and consistently shoot for those counts when writing your blog. If you can feasibly go well over the minimums, this will ensure your blog will register on search engines for years to come. However, be careful not to add content with no added value to the blog, as this could do more damage than good if readers become bored. Online users’ attention span is short on content, especially when reading; therefore, you don’t want to write the information or entertaining blog equivalent of “War and Peace.”

Create Relevant and Useful Content

While many business or marketing blogs are specifically created to encourage users to click on the article directing them to your business website if the content is not relevant or doesn’t deliver useful content, the reader may not stay on your site long enough to explore your business and products or services it offers. The business blog does have a specific function. However, it still needs to provide interesting content and value. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Make Sure Your Blog is Well Written

While your blog is specifically created to drive traffic that will hopefully convert to revenue to your site, it can do more harm than good if the content is written. You or your content writer(s) must write high-quality and grammatically correct content. If a business blog is not quality over quantity or vice versa, they are equally important for driving potential customers to your site and converting them into revenue-generating customers. Putting marketing dollars into hiring quality writers who give high-quality, valuable, and traffic generating content will ultimately pay for itself. Hiring poor writers to save money can hurt your business, and if a lot of time has to be spent editing to get the quality up to standards, the revenue loss to pay for that can be costly.


Blogging for business can be a highly effective marketing tool and should be used by businesses trying to drive a high traffic volume to their site. Following these tips will ensure that you get the traffic to your site and have the greatest chance to turn that traffic into revenue.

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