4 Things to teach to children about finances

There are many occasions when we consider that saving is a very complicated task, or worse, it is not necessary. However, as time goes by, we notice its importance. When we are parents, we understand that we must be aware of when the proper stage is to impart this teaching to our children.

Although we must take into account the age of our son, since we cannot treat our 4-year-old child as well as another of 11, there are a number of generic recommendations to teach them the foundation of domestic economy.


Tips to save

  1. Create responsibility

You would not want to create in your child, an overwhelming feeling of constantly needing to save, it is simply a learning exercise that by its constancy will give you results: establish a small monthly or weekly payment.

This is excellent advice to save because they will learn how to organize their economy, just as parents have to do with their salary, with which they must face all household expenses and the expenses of the children.



  1. Set limits

It is a good idea for children to understand that money is limited, and that if they choose to buy something, they can no longer use that money for anything else. 

This will show them that they must think about what to spend and properly use the money they receive. If they spend the money on lollipops they will not have money for gum, it is that simple.


  1. Explain that the bills are not the leaves of the trees

Where the money is spent daily, should not be a wonderful mystery for our children. Tell them that this is the result of the effort parents must make each month to get it.

This creates awareness in children, in no way does this matter try to generate alarm, but children should be aware of what it costs to earn it and how quickly it is spent if finances are not budgeted well.



  1. Teach them to create a budget

Effective advice is to save based on your monthly pay, help them to develop a simple scheme to guide them on the forecast they should take to spend money effectively and productively in thirty days.

Check with them at the end of each month to see how they stuck to your planning. It is not a matter of being very strict, but of transmitting the importance of organizing with what falls in our pocket. Seeing in black and white where the use of resources is channeled each month, it also helps them to become aware of it.




Tell them why it is good to write down monthly expenses. This is good advice to save because it is a way to better control the money we sometimes spend with extra spending on things that may not even be needed.

With this advice to save, we realize the amount of expenses we make every day without even repairing them.

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