4 Revenue Generation Tips for Startups

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Recent research reveals that more than 94% of businesses do not perform well in the first year of operation. Find the reason for a revenue boost as a startup owner. There can be a lack of funding that prevents many startups from generating substantial revenue in a year. Investment is the backbone of the business, and it requires at least six months of backup coverage to survive in many industries.

Businesses need enough capital for revenue generation. Every business stage, entrepreneurs plan the way to finance their startups. The exact rate of business funds depends upon your business status and nature. Fundraising is a fundamental need. Here are four great revenue generation tips for startups. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Transactional revenue generation model

Several companies, including tech-oriented ones, strive hard to depend on the transactional revenue generation model. You can directly increase your startup revenue by using this model to sell products and services for a substantial profit.

The directness of the transactional revenue model creates more competition and price deterioration. Businesses can’t earn enough money as they opt for this model. Still, it can help you in catching more leads and potential customers. You can build long-term business liability by using a transactional revenue generation model. Also, you will know where you can fix it at the beginning of the business, as it’s essentially important. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Direct sales

The company’s sales agents conduct two types of sales that are inside and outside sales. An inside sales happen when someone calls you for order placement, or you (salesperson) explain your service or product’s prospects on a phone call. Outside sales is a live sales transaction that occurs face to face among sales agents and clients.

You can make timelessly significant relations with your clients. It also helps you run sales cycles, complex sales cycles, enterprise sales cycles as it entails different influencers and purchasers. If you are following the direct sales model, you will have a good sales team. It means you can’t sell small ticket price items as it is not optimal. If you are selling products and services below $1,000 to $2,000, it can difficult to establish a scalable company.

Indirect sales or channel sales

In this model, sales agents or resellers sell your product or services to their clients. You will have an option that either you or the reseller send the delivery. If you are providing a virtual product, you will need to have an affiliate revenue model as the best companion. If you sell a product with an incremental sale for the channel and incremental profit, the indirect sales model is ideal for your company.

If you need to evangelize your marketplace, don’t use a channel or an indirect sales model. It is not suitable when your product involves fierce competition with their partners to promote their products or services. Develop the best revenue model for your business. As a result, your startup’s financial health will remain constant. You can help your potential investors in connecting dots if you have a credible revenue model. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Credit card acceptance

Re-energize your sales channel by accepting credit cards. It will enhance your sales and let your potential clients leverage from on-time credit card payment. If you don’t have credit cards, open an account from any bank branch or financial institution.

As a result, there will be a fast recovery of initial setup costs. You can also consider your small processing fee at your retail price. You will need to investigate how many sources of credit cards are available to your clients. For example, sometimes, franchises use programs of the American Small Business Administration for financing their business.

You can use funds provided by manufacturers and companies if you need to buy expensive equipment or need large real estate investment. Identify the sources when you have a variety of independent sources of credit that is available for consumers. Also, provide a facility for conducting an introduction between your clients and the lender.


According to multiple theorist’s claims, ups and downs in business is a common practice that lets them decline or grow. Reinvent or keep your company’s progress constant by solving all your client’s queries. Also, adapt their products, sales methods, and strategies, especially you have to meet changing paradigms.

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