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While accounting software has made bookkeeping and accounting less stressful for businesses, it has also caused accounting mistakes to be much more common — from erroneously classifying a transaction to doing all of the accounting yourself. Some mistakes are minor, immaterial, and easy to correct without harmful consequences. However, some mistakes are more serious and could have a significant effect on your business’s financial position. Over time, meager accounting practices can garble the authenticity of your company’s fiscal position. In more severe cases, recurrent mistakes and bad accounting practices can lead your business towards insolvency or liquidation. Below are some of the most common errors that businesses make while handling their accounting.

Common Accounting Mistakes

Assuming that Profits mean Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is essential for the survival of any business and they try hard to maintain the flow of cash in and out of business. While the purpose of a business is to make profits which ultimately result in positive cash flow, it is a mistake to assume that the profits will result in cash flow.

Your business may have taken a project that costs you around $10,000 while the estimated profits are $25,000 and the completion time is 2 months. If everything goes according to plan, you will generate positive cash flow. However, any delays in the project can cost you more than the estimates. Therefore, assuming the positive relation of profits with cash flows can be one of your biggest accounting mistakes.

Disorganized Bookkeeping Practices

Effectively managing your accounting needs requires you to record everything, from small petty cash expenses to large business transactions. This will ensure that you have an account of every single financial detail of your business. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, taking accounting seriously will ensure that you have updated and accurate records and a reorganized picture of your company’s financial position, which will eventually help you in better decision making. From classifying various types of assets and liabilities properly to accomplishing a monthly check of your book, launching a serious accounting system for your business is the key to keeping it financially secure and avoiding accounting mistakes.

Managing All of your Accounting Needs In-House

For small businesses, it can be tempting to handle all of their accounting needs in-house in order to save costs because of limited budgets. However, if you are not efficient or a pro at it, you might be costing your business some valuable cash instead of saving it. Outsourcing your accounting to professionals can ensure that the bookkeeping needs are catered professionally. You might think that this is costing you more than it would if you had taken it upon yourself to do the job. However, this might actually save you more in the form of well-managed books without any accounting mistakes.

There are certain tasks, such filing tax returns and other specified needs of the business, that require professional competency and failing to realize the importance of handling these tasks can result in severe consequences. A mistake in filing your taxes can result in fines and bad credit scores, which is something you must avoid at all costs.

Poor Communication

Often, the downfall of businesses is a lack of communication between the bookkeeper and owner. Poor communication can cause mistakes in reconciling the statements, filing reports, and inaccurate financial information. The job of your bookkeeper is to guide you in making key decisions about your company’s future and, for that, you need to develop a healthy relationship with the individual.

Even with the efficient use of technology, some accounting mistakes cannot be avoided because of the “garbage in, garbage out” rule. Whatever is entered into the accounting software will come out eventually in the form of information. So, if someone has inaccurately entered the data, the technology cannot help you in any way possible. Together, you and your bookkeeper will ensure that everything that is entered into the accounting tool is accurate and thoroughly discussed, without any communication gaps.


Avoiding these accounting mistakes is critical to the success of your business and maintaining a solid reputation.

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