3 Tax Deductions Every Taxpayer Should Know About

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When it comes to taxes, taxpayers can take advantage of many deductions that will lower what they owe, getting them a higher refund or reducing how much they will have to pay additionally. While there are multiple areas an individual or household can make deductions, here are three areas where tax deductions can be significant. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Housing Account Tax Deductions

A Housing Account is a deposit where regular contributions are made that are deductible if it is specified that its goal is to acquire the habitual residence, which must be purchased within four years of the formation of the account. Otherwise, the IRS will demand the return of the tax benefits plus their related interest.

One way to maximize your capital would be to invest the money in another financial product with greater interest than the Housing Account and at the end of the year, before December 31, enter the amount in the Housing Account, since the deductions are calculated on balance to the end of December.

Therefore, the fact that it is a deposit to acquire the habitual residence makes this product usually suitable for young people who plan to become independent. It is also often used by couples starting. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Mortgage Tax Deductions

Once the home is acquired, it is usually mortgaged to guarantee payment of the credit contracted with the entity to meet the purchase. All the expenses for purchasing the house, such as Notary, Land Registry, and other fees included in the closing, are eligible to be counted towards the deductions. Also included is the amount of principal and interest payment for the period. Consult a professional tax preparer or the IRS to determine other deductions with the mortgage.

Pension Plan Tax Deductions

The most significant amount of tax deductions is found in an individual’s pension plan. A Pension Plan is a contribution that the management entity typically makes in an investment fund to dispose of the capital invested with its revaluation at the time of retirement. If there is a disability, a severe illness, or unemployment dragged on.

In case of death, it will be the beneficiary chosen by the owner who pays it. That capital will vary in value daily, according to the evolution of the fund, and its value is calculated by dividing the total value of that fund among the existing shares.

When the time to recover the investment, it can be made in the form of an immediate income from a single payment, deferred income from monthly or quarterly payments, or a mixed-income of an initial payment followed by periodic payments. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The most significant advantage of pension plans is their fiscal reduction. They allow a fiscal saving of up to 43%. Up to 50 years, the limit of annual contribution to the plan is $10,000. After 50 years, the contribution limit is $12,500.

Therefore, the tax benefits are those that favor that we have a pension plan. Another option is to find financial investment products that, although they do not deduct, offer some returns, discounted taxes, higher than the tax deduction of the plan plus the expected value of its revaluation.


The three products that we have analyzed are not mutually exclusive. You could take the maximum fiscal advantage by making a housing account, acquiring the house through a mortgage, and developing a pension plan.

Taxpayers are not limited to one kind of deduction. The smartest taxpayers will pay the minimum and get the maximum return by taking advantage of every possible tax deduction. These three deductions are the most profitable to the taxpayer. However, you should hire a tax professional or research every possible tax deduction you can take.

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