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Small business owners who have recently stepped into the marketplace, which is raging with cut-throat competition, are actively seeking ways to improve their accounting methods to achieve a stronger footing. Technology has made the lives of many giants, like Walmart and JC Penny, effortless and convenient. Not only have they improved their vendor and distributor relationships using ERPs such as SAP and Oracle, but they have also attained greater accessibility to their business operations world-wide. This kind of accessibility is useful in order to provide consistent service to customers throughout the world. For small businesses, it is therefore essential to get in line with these giants in order to remain competitive. Cloud-based accounting tools, such as QuickBooks, can bring a few of the benefits that these big organizations enjoy.

1. Centralized Database

One of the most important outcomes of using cloud-based accounting tools is the centralization of data across the organization. This enables small business owners to keep track of operations at all times. Real-time updates are available on the go. Not only does this centralization help with being up to date, but data or any significant information may be procured easily from anywhere around the world through a smartphone application. This reduces the effort of having to be present in the office for all important updates around the clock. You have your workflows and statistics accessible for monitoring, even while on a family vacation in Hawaii!

2. Improved Relationships with Vendors and Distributors

Cloud-based accounting tools leverage the opportunity to improve relationships with vendors and distributors. Failing to settle vendor obligations can lead to a delay of services from the supplier’s end. This may eventually result in lower customer satisfaction if orders are not processed well in time. Hence, keeping both entities happy and satisfied is of critical importance, especially for small business owners as they have fewer alternatives available. Moreover, switching costs may be higher for small business owners if any of their suppliers decide to discontinue service. Unhappy customers may as well be problematic, provided the existing competition in the market and the dire need to survive.

Cloud-based accounting tools enable the settling of invoices as well as making payments through the online portal accessible to both entities involved in the transaction. Moreover, with this real-time collaboration between stakeholders, communication is quick, two-way, and more efficient. Late payments can no longer be backed by irrelevant excuses – ‘I failed to keep track of your payment deadline owing to my busy work schedule’.

 3. Paperless and Eco-Friendly Environment

With the help of cloud-based accounting tools such as QuickBooks, bookkeeping has become paperless. For small business owners, the need to maintain accounting records in paper form seems like a hectic job. Traditional bookkeeping became obsolete centuries ago. Keeping paperwork alive means adding to the workload. With a little extra cost, the workflow can be automated using cloud-based accounting tools that are both eco-friendly and time-saving.

Moreover, this automation leads to reduced manual errors and risk of losing data. Losing a vendor’s invoice can turn out to be quite detrimental to any business – small or big. Cloud-based accounting tools ensure a secure digital space for all of your useful business data.  Cutting down on the use of paper means lesser deforestation and a greener, cleaner air to breathe. Who’d have thought automation through cloud-based accounting tools could lead to higher levels of oxygen in the environment.


Cloud-based accounting tools can bring about these aforementioned advantages to small businesses and help with streamlining various accounting activities in an efficient and cost-saving manner. This type of efficiency allows small businesses to grow and secure a standing in the market alongside big organizations.

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