20 Start-Up Marketing Strategies that Work

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Start-up marketing strategies are crucial to analyze the start-up position of a business and develop market-oriented policies to achieve company sales and service goals. Here are 20 start-up marketing strategies, sure to propel your company into a success!

1. Focus on your target audience. 
Start with a focus on your targeted audience, then broaden your marketing later.  Who you’re expecting to most want your products or services is vital to know to get the most of your marketing dollars. Cubicle to Cloud virtual business

2. Use social media in start-up marketing.  Social media marketing is not always free but can be cheaper. It also provides direct interaction with your potential customers in a space where they are comfortable.

3. Listen to the feedback.  
Paying attention to the feedback of your potential customers on social media and other platforms is vital. Quick responses to queries and complaints on social media will inform the customer, making the query or complaint as well as onlookers. This is where you can turn prospects into customers or turn a complaint into loyalty.

4. Use creative ideas for marketing. 
Promote your offer creatively—no need to bombard customers with messages to keep reminding them of your products. A creative message or video to advertise your product on social media will work for itself. It will be spread to friends and family of consumers who enjoyed your creative message.

5. Do not delay in marketing.  
Keeping your product a secret for too long and delaying marketing until it is launched does not help in the sale of the product. Start creatively marketing the product as soon as the marketing plan is ready. Buzz and building the hype even before the product or service is available can create positive marketing effects that last long after the release.

6. People always buy the benefit.  
People do not go for a product which is slightly better or different. People will like it for the benefits it provides and value for their dollars. Most people view any potential products or services from a “what’s in it for me” mentality, so tell them! Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

7.  Develop an innovative marketing strategy.  
Your start-up marketing strategy should be unique and innovative. This is where you should flex your creative marketing muscles. If you can find a way to put your product or service out there differently than your competitors, that will drive customers your way instead of theirs.

8. Do homework on your marketing plan.  You should be clear about your audience in the start-up and thoroughly work on the marketing plan before implementing it. Research what works and what doesn’t by looking at competitors. Marketing should be a large part of your business budget, so you need to be sure you know what works and who you are marketing to before you initiate the plan.

9. Marketing first, product second.  
Do not wait for the product to be launched. Start doing its marketing straight away before it is launched. It will attract more customers when it is introduced into the market.

10. Test your marketing ideas in small experiments.  
Releasing your marketing ideas on a smaller scale or finding a test audience can help make changes before you blitz the market. This can cost a small sum to accomplish but will be worth it financially down the line if you can fix problems before it’s too late and costly.

11. Do not focus on just selling your product right away.
Get to know how much your target audience is satisfied, and your sale will be automatically improved.

12. Approach your customers whenever possible.
 Know when you can connect with your customers. First, understand who your customers are, where they hang out, on social media or in superstores or wherever possible, how to approach them, and how to make them feel that they are the main focus.

13. Aim for repeat business.
 Creating marketing strategies to introduce customers to your business and what it offers is the most focused upon. But you do need to allocate some of your marketing money towards customer loyalty. Offering incentives and rewarding loyalty can go a long way in getting customers to come back and even better, bring friends!

14. Focus on existing customers.
As mentioned before, to have a successful business, you cannot survive reliant on one-time sales or hiring. The repeat customer is important to your success. Often, if the industry you are in suffers an economic hit, your business can survive the storm through existing customers.

15. Develop marketing goals.
 Developing a plan needs more than exciting ideas. It requires you to think about what you hope to accomplish with each marketing campaign you create. Your goals will change as your company grows, so each marketing strategy needs its own goals. Download A Free Financial Toolkit

16. Give out free samples or small gifts.
 This strategy is ideal for start-up marketing for an unfamiliar or an unrecognized brand. Giving free samples or small gifts is a successful way for a person to try your product or get an idea of the company they are dealing with before they spend their hard-earned dollars. This may seem small, but it goes a long way as a marketing strategy.

17. Grow an opinion about your product.
Getting positive reviews can help grow your business. It would be best if you always had only those who have used your products or services to give public feedback. Soliciting reviews from your satisfied customers can be extremely successful as a strategy as people often use reviews as the most important factor in their decision to go with a company.

18. Your start-up marketing begins with customers and ends with customers.
Knowing your audience and what they love will be the best strategy that money can’t buy. If you have a great product but are not customer-focused, you could still fail. Make the customer the center of your business universe.

19. Use public relations for establishing your brand.
Good public relations can spread your word for free. Focusing on positively putting your brand in front of the public can skyrocket your business without spending a penny.

20. Stay up to date on start-up marketing trends.
 What works today may not work tomorrow. Even the most successful marketing strategy can fail if out of date or off-trend. Being outdated in your marketing can be as detrimental to a business as bad publicity.


Start-up marketing strategies are useful techniques and plans that must be used for the marketing of a product or service. Using the strategies mentioned above will help attract customers of your business and keep them.

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