101 Data Protection Tips: How to Keep Your Passwords, Financial and Personal Information Safe

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In the existing hypersensitive environment, one of the top priorities of businesses is to keep their passwords, financial and personal information safe and secure from intruders roving outside. On the other hand, it has become increasingly important and critical for the common man to keep their private and sensitive information. However, it is much more challenging for businesses to protect their data. Different people may have access to crucial and lucrative business information. As businesses face complex challenges related to customer satisfaction and competition, companies are eager to outsource fundamental financial tasks such as bookkeeping. However, the concern of data privacy exists as the material is abundant in financial figures, existing, and potential customers that businesses share with partners. Before planning to outsource bookkeeping, many organizations face a single question: Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

 Should I trust the outsourcing partner on matters like safety and security of data? Is it ok if I hand over my business’s financial information to someone I don’t know personally? 

 A list of 101 trouble-free and straightforward best practices of data protection is mentioned below to help anyone secure personal and business devices. 

Data encryption is the new big thing. Although leak prevention remains one of the essential elements of an IT security strategy, this measure also does not solve the problem completely. According to the Data Protection Confidence Index, despite the growing number of data leaks and more than 3.9 billion stolen records worldwide in the last three years, two-thirds of IT executives foresee the possibility of unauthorized users accessing their networks. At the same time, management does not allocate unique means for data encryption. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Based on the research, the Gemalto Breach Level Index summarizes the following recommendations: “The modern security strategy implies a paradigm shift in thinking and includes the implementation of solutions that allow to control access and authentication of users, provide encryption of all critical data, as well as protected management and storage of all encryption keys. “

Organizations need to protect data, not just the perimeter. All this must be done simultaneously with measures to ensure leak safety, which implies both protection of the data itself and the security of users working with this data. Also, organizations should provide secure storage and management of all encryption keys and manage access and user authentication.

The usefulness and confidentiality of data are often mutually exclusive and suppose all users have free access to it. In that case, the interested parties will use this data as fully and effectively as possible. But this can hardly be called the right decision. Fortunately, you can achieve a reasonable balance between providing the necessary access to data and limiting unauthorized access. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Providing security and encryption of large amounts of data is a challenging task. Today, more and more organizations cannot prevent data leaks and protect their information assets, regardless of the size of these assets.

“Data Security and Privacy Guide” claims that “traditional security mechanisms designed to protect small amounts of static data behind firewalls in semi-insulated networks are no longer sufficient to protect against modern threats.” 

Install a reliable anti-malware. As with any other aspect of information security, comprehensive data security should imply a multi-level approach for maximum efficiency. Security is a complex of different levels, including efforts to prevent leaks and measures from mitigating the consequences of the leak. It is one of the most basic types of protection that lays down the foundation of security for business devices. Malware is malicious software specially designed for infecting a computer without asking for permission. It can be present anywhere on the internet, such as emails, downloadable files, links, videos, photos, shareware, or website. Because it is hard to identify malware, installing a reliable anti-malware is the safest and easiest option.

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