U.S. currency in a bull market.
We have put together the most tactful ways to use your acquired funds and obtain complete benefits of rapid growth and development of your small business.

1. Innovation of Current Products or Services

Invest your funds to innovate the products/services of your company to attract new customers and commit the old ones. Know what your potential customers expect from you. Be honest and loyal to your customers. If you are successful in satisfying your customers, they will definitely come back to buy your product/services. They will refer friends and family members, too. 

2. Participate in Trade Shows

Invest your new funding to participate in trade shows. This is a great strategy to utilize funds. Trade shows usually attract customers by grasping their attention. Select carefully where and when to market your product in a trade show.

3. Expand your Market

Invest money into reaching new markets. Make your product available to new customers by opening new stores at outreach stations or even pop-up shops.

4. Market the Product

Use strategies to market your product. Use advertisement through television commercials, billboards, banners, and social media like Facebook and Twitter to target people of all ages which will eventually bring in more capital.

5. Conquer a Niche Market

A niche market is the targeted and focused portion of the market where other businesses are failing to fulfill customer needs. Focus and invest here to win the battle in the niche market.

6. Payoff Debts

Invest your new funds in order to payoff debts. The less the debt, the higher the credit scores. The money saved from monthly interest rates can be utilized in fulfilling other business requirements. Keep an eye on your bookkeeping records for paying off the debt.

7. Modernize Equipment

Use funds to replace broken equipment as soon as possible to avoid delaying orders and services. With better equipment, your orders will be completed on-time, resulting in an increase in the trust and quality of your company. This will give a much needed boost to your business.

8. Beef Up Technology

Investing in the right technology provides you with critical insights of customers and possible prospects. It will provide protection from a hacking disaster due to data loss that may cripple your business. Invest in CRM (customer relationship management) software to keep track of potential customers and purchasing history. The customer is your most valuable asset for your small business and, by targeting this asset efficiently, sales will be increased. CRM is an online accessible software. An investment in a subscription fee of such software will give a great boost to your small business.

9. Franchising

Franchising gives a fast boost to your small business. It is a method to expand your market/business. The product is distributed more widely to meet the increased demand of customers. Before franchising, a market analysis should be done. Know what the customers’ demands are and what the regulatory requirements are.  These will need to be analyzed thoroughly before franchising.  Franchising will help in capital expansion, quick market penetration, and ultimate growth of the business.

10.  Exporting

Boosting your business by exporting your product is one of the crucial methods for growing a business. Invest your money and time wisely to reach international customers. First of all, search the top three international markets where your product or service will gain maximum profit. Make an accurate analysis of the market conditions in these three countries. Also, determine the pros and cons of marketing your product in these markets. Prioritize these three countries, according to your previous findings. Now, start the business in the most favorable country. Don’t move to the second one until at least six months have passed.

Bottom Line

With new funds, there are so many options out there on how to use them.  Be wise and calculative of your decisions so that you create the best possible circumstances for your growing business.

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