10 Smart Ways to Fund Your Startup Business

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Every startup business requires capital to fund the initial set up and operational needs. These needs include funding for product development, acquiring new inventory and equipment, and initial rollout efforts to pay your employees or fund general operations. Entrepreneurs need to know how to utilize and manage their business finances to run their new business smoothly.

Raising capital for a startup business can be challenging but not impossible. There are several ways to acquire startup capital, but they aren’t all necessarily reliable. If you have the perfect business idea but lack enough funds to start the business, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to abandon the business idea. There are several funding options you can opt to make your business a successful one.

The first thing you should do is develop a reliable and thorough business plan and figure out the finances needed to start and operate your new business. Once you have a clear idea of the costs to start and operate your business, you can look for ways to finance your business. Here are five smart ways to fund your startup business that is tried and true. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Fund the Business Yourself

Today it is estimated that over 90% of startups are self-funded. This type of funding is known as bootstrapping. Unless you have a windfall or substantial savings, this option can take time as it takes a long time to save a large sum of money. The major advantage of financing your business yourself is that you would not be required to give up any control of your business or its equity.

Pitch to Friends and Family

Once you have a solid business plan, you should develop a presentation to pitch your business idea in front of your family and friends. If they don’t believe in you, then do not expect that outsiders will support your idea. Outside of self-funding, friends or family buy-in is the second most common way that small business owners obtain capital to start their business.

Business Grants

Business grants are government or privately given funds that are completely free with no expectation of return or payback. Grants typically require your business plan, but you are expected to submit to a long application process. If you don’t need the money immediately to get started, these grants can come months after startup. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Angel Investors

Angel investors are similar to venture capitalists. Angel investors are generally wealthy individuals or firms with a heart for the startup business and don’t want to be involved in business operations or expect anything in return. This, like the grant, allows you to keep complete control of your business and equity. These can also be difficult or take time to get because angel investors are constant.

Venture Capitalist

While venture capitalists are similar to angel investors in that they invest in small or startup businesses with potential, they differ in that angel investors do not expect any return on their investment. Venture capitalists are in it for the potential business ideas that will give them the greatest possibility for high returns on their investment.

Startup Accelerator

While this is not actual startup or operational capital, startup acceleration offers free business and financial consulting, free office or business space, or other startup business needs such as equipment and materials. These free essentials for a startup business will help the business get started until they can fund their revenue. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

Strategic Customer Partnership

Strategic customer partnership is when a customer or business that will use your goods or services funds your startup to start production and initial operations. Essentially they are prepaying for future products and services they will receive. These partners will hold no other control or equity in your business.

Trade Equity

Trade equity is just as it sounds. This is where you trade goods or services for essential startup goods and services. This type of trading has been a recognized way to start and operate a business. Bartering business needs with others who need what you have to offer or your skills can go a long way in getting the business up and running.

Small Business Loans

While many small business owners often go to this stream of startup capital first, it should be your last choice for several reasons. Getting a business loan approved in itself is a long process; moreover, you need to report to the bank where each penny of that loan will be spent. If you’re a first-time business owner, they might consider your business as a risk element, and in this case, your loan application will not be approved or will carry high-interest rates. This option also starts your business in debt.

Credit Cards

If you have an awesome credit score, then you can use it specifically designed for business use. However, using credit cards is a high-risk factor as non-payment can lead to expensive penalties and super high-interest rates compared to other loan options. This is another option that starts your business in debt and should be a last resort. The biggest advantage is that if you pay the balance off quickly, you can quickly build your new business credit.

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