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Whether you are a startup enthusiast or an experienced businessperson, if you plan to begin a new venture this year, there are certainly some business ideas better than others for your next startup. Considering everything, you must ask yourself what excites and inspires you that can render peace of mind.

Though you may be earning a handsome salary from your current job, it may not offer you the happiness, flexibility, and independence you deserve. Remember, having a higher quality of life and more freedom is always better than making more money. Your happiness and satisfaction immensely impact your workplace productively. Hence, if you are simply unhappy with your present employment, it is time to either switch or follow your passion that can get you money.

With that in mind, the following are ten exciting business ideas suitable for your next startup. Fortunately, you can run most of them as a location-independent company. Indeed, they are great for you if being a digital nomad is your inherent lifestyle.ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

Photographing or Video-making

If you are smart enough to capture a story through your camera, then photographing or video-making are professions you can turn into your next startup. These business ideas are a sort of job that you can do as a freelancer and a side business along with your 9-5 job. Just remember, choose an exciting niche and stick with it. If you love capturing weddings, focus on that; likewise, market that expertise if you specialize in filming promotional videos or taking professional headshots.

Smart Device Repair

Smart devices like tablets and cell phones are in everyone’s hands. Regardless of where we are talking about, almost everyone uses them to converse, surf the internet, and even conduct online commerce. So, when the devices break or perform disorderly, people need someone to help repair them. Regardless of location, you can fix those devices and make this business idea your next startup.

Website Flipping

Website flipping is buying and selling a website on existing platforms to make some fast cash. There is an art to this business idea that requires some research. However, once you have a good hand over it, it can be your next startup to earn money.Download A Free Financial Toolkit

Vacation Rental Management

With an expanding tourist industry, vacation rentals are rising exponentially. And this segment is certainly one of the hottest business ideas in the hospitality industry. Suppose you reside in a highly preferred tourist destination. In that case, you could easily manage apartments from homeowners who simply do not want to handle the hassle of listing, cleaning, stocking, and dealing with prospective guests, thus turning this opportunity into your next startup.

Education Contents and Courses

Suppose you are an expert in some areas and are passionate about sharing your knowledge, skills, and experiences. In that case, creating educational content relevant to your expertise is one of the smartest business ideas you can easily turn into your next startup. There are people out there seeking new learnings and expanding their skills. Thus, offering great instructional content can enable you to earn easy money.

Coaching Services

Continuing the fifth great business idea, why not become a coach when you are an expert in health, business, bookkeeping, or computers? Becoming a coach is easier, irrespective of your location. Please make the most of tech tools like Skype or Udemy to provide coaching services online and turn them into your next startup. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault


If you enjoy writing and people love what you write, turn your art of writing into your next startup, which will help you earn great money, depending on how you use it. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to do this. Money websites like Make a Living WritingThe Write Life, and Be a Freelance Blogger pay their guest bloggers handsomely.

Guided Tours

If you are located in a tourist area, guided tours are a great business idea to consider turning into your next startup.

Social Media Management

Unsurprisingly, businesses are spending big budgets on social media management because of its potential to boost their business. As social media management is an accessible area to an expert ind a potential business idea that can earn a great income, you should consider turning it into your next startup.

Ad Management Agency

This is relevant to the most recently discussed business idea. Although ad management is a bit trickier than social media management, it is far easier than website development or app debugging, yet offers great income. Also, learning it is simply a matter of a few weeks. Thus, if you want to get into a new business as soon as possible, attempting to establish an ad management agency would be a great next startup.

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