Must Have Personal Finance Apps

Personal Finance Apps - Complete Controller

There are many options for personal finance apps that can be used in routine, bringing practicality to this monitoring. Some are entirely free, but most have free basic features and more advanced options for purchasing the plans.

Here are the main functions offered for free. It’s not a list of the best personal finance app but a map with the parts of apps that can help you deal with money.

  1. Organize

This personal finance app aims to map all day-to-day expenses so the user knows exactly where the money goes. Among the main features of the free version is the control of up to two accounts, a credit card, and reports with graphs, in addition to the option to set three spending goals. Complete Controller. America’s Bookkeeping Experts

  1. Easy Budget

It’s a free, ad-free personal finance app. It is possible to record and control earnings and expenses, analyze expenses on a timeline, and set a budget for the coming months, in addition to other features.

The app generates graphs and has intuitive features to make numbers more visual and understandable for the user.    

  1. Olivia

Technology is used to learn spending habits, predict spending, and recommend better managing your finances. This free personal finance app is driven by an artificial intelligence called Olivia. The proposal makes the user understand the expenses, spend better, and save.

Integrated with the user’s bank account, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) automatically categorizes daily and monthly expenses and presents planning tips.

  1. Wise

One way to handle money smartly is to make it work. Through the Wise application, it is possible to have numerous features that contribute to this.

Having the app installed, you can make faster and cheaper money transfers to more than 80 countries, access a real exchange rate, and view the total amount disbursed from the beginning. Having a debit card to pay internationally in more than 200 countries is also possible, even converting amounts into local currencies.

Users can receive payments in different countries by opening multi-currency accounts, where they can receive values locally and transfer and pay deals in other currencies, among other advantages. ADP. Payroll – HR – Benefits

  1. Money lover

It’s a beautiful application with well-organized functions to help you categorize and manage your expenses, create budgets, and keep track of your savings and invoices. It has a free and a premium version.

The most satisfying thing is that you can use it from the following browser and download the app on your computer or mobile phone. The cloud stores the data, and accessing the account from any device is possible.

It makes it possible visually to register daily expenses and create categories to understand the main cash flows.

  1. My Finances

The app has several features to organize your financial life and can be integrated with the bank application. Tracks income, expenses, savings, and credit cards, categorizing and creating a history. It allows you to export and monitor this data visually, graphing expenses statistics by day, week, and month and forming comparatives.

It is possible to integrate with the Google Calendar and others available on the device to save reminders and notify expenses when they are due. It also offers the possibility to make encrypted backups to your Google Drive.

  1. Monte

It is an app for those looking for practicality, without many steps to register and use. The goal is to simplify the user experience. Allows entry of income and expenses, registration and reminder of future costs, and the visualization of statistics. You can sync all information to the cloud for access across multiple devices.

The free version of this finance app has some ads, which will no longer appear in the premium version, and some add-ons. LastPass – Family or Org Password Vault

  1. Furniture

This personal finance app offers a limited version for those who choose the free option, only available for smartphones. This version provides categories of expenses and income and synchronization once a day.

The best app is only for premium users. Features like cloud sync, organizing credit cards, setting goals, and creating budgets are limited – but can be checked out in a 7-day trial version.

  1. Toshl

You can fully use the application for an evaluation period, and some features are reduced. Allows tracking of two financial accounts and creating two budgets.

You can only access functions such as creating reminders, viewing recurring bills, viewing charts, and planning paid versions.

  1. Fortune

With the option of a free basic plan, this app aims to be practical and straightforward, helping users to handle money better. This version allows for organizing income and expenses, receiving pending alerts, managing two accounts and a card, and creating budgets. The tool even generates graphs and reports.

Some features such as generating a monthly balance of finances and exporting data, are left out, being released only for premium users, reducing the option.

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