10 Best Blogs to Follow About Savings

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A lot of people struggle when it comes to savings. For some, saving money is a piece of cake, while it is a daunting task for others.


What one should focus on is what a blessing savings can be in a time of need, such as when there is a medical emergency, when you want to make a down payment for a car or house you want to buy, or when you want to go on vacation. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


The extra money that you will save up can be used to fulfill your needs, wants, and desires. But it is not as easy as it sounds. You need to carefully learn the steps you need to take to stash that money. You can talk to your friends or family members who can give you some tips and tricks. However, if you get no help from there, you can always hire a finance person who can help you manage your funds and help you with your savings.


Hiring someone will not always be the best option, as it can be costly. So the next best option will be doing some online research and following blogs of financial experts.


Here is a list of some of the best blogs to follow about savings:


  • “Cents” able Momma by Corrie


Website: www.centsablemomma.com


Corrie posts about 15 blogs a week; she is a wife and has two boys. She posts about the best deals and coupons. This means you will get tips on how to save money on shopping.


  • Bank on Yourself by Pamela Yellen


Website: www.bankonyourself.com/blog


Pamela posts about two blogs a month, giving financial advice on investments and retirement. You will get to learn how to use your savings to invest it further for returns and how to save your funds for retirement. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


  • The Radical Personal Finance Podcast by Joshua Sheats


Website: www.radicalpersonalfinance.com/blog


Joshua, who is a financial planner, posts about two blogs a week. He encourages and teaches people how to live life lavishly and plan for being financially free in the next few years. He inspires and educates people on becoming financially independent.


  • Finance Superhero


Website: www.financesuperhero.com


Finance Superhero posts a blog each week, and as the name suggests, it aims to restore order in the financial world.


  • MoneyHax


Website: www.moneyhax.ocm


MoneyHax posts about eight blogs a week, giving tips on how to make money and invest the extra income lying around. This way, you will learn how to manage your savings and earn a return on it.


  • Modest Money


Website: www.modestmoney.com


Modest Money posts about seven blogs a week. This blog will keep you posted on the latest updates on investments and portfolio management. This will give you a chance to look for the best trending options for investing your savings.


  • Retire by 40


Website: www.retireby40.org


Joe Udo, who has built a career in engineering and posts about two blogs a week. He wants to change people’s perspective by encouraging them to retire by the age of 40 to live and enjoy the life they always wanted to. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


  • PT Money


Website: www.ptmoney.com


This blog is managed by Philip Taylor, who posts about once a week. He gives out his personal financial experiences for making money in less time. He keeps his followers informed about the best investing options, whether they are credit cards, savings accounts, mutual funds, etc.


  • The College Investor Blog by Robert Farrington


Website: www.thecollegeinvestor.com/blog


Robert Farrington manages this blog, and he posts around six blogs a week. He focuses on the millennial generation by guiding them on how they should build future wealth for themselves.


  • Money Mustache


Website: www.mrmoneymustache.com



Mr. Money Mustache has retired and posts around one blog a month. He is in his 30s, and he wants to teach people how to live a life full of leisure while also saving some money.


Saving money is not for everyone, but it is also not impossible for everyone to save. It would be best if you learned the basics of saving. It would be best if you took inspiration from people around you to motivate and teach you how important it is to save a percentage of the income you make. Some suggest saving 10% of your monthly income while others have a completely different take.


If you are facing a difficult time managing your money and saving, take inspiration from people who have successfully managed to do so.


By reading the blogs and following the people mentioned in this article, you can learn the tips and tricks that will help you manage your savings and have a peaceful future.

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