Why QuickBooks Premier Is Perfect For Construction Companies

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Quickbooks Premier is the best software for a construction company’s accounting and financial management. It is the easiest and quickest software to use on the market, especially for construction companies. The software’s result will enhance company management and will lead to long-term financial improvement.

This article is going to cover each and every aspect of Quickbooks Premier to provide you with the knowledge of why and how this is perfect for your company.

Let’s start with the implementation of the software. You need to have a basic understanding of the class construction accounting and construction phase accounting. With these basics in construction, you can segregate between the parts that are performing well and that need improvement. Construction phase accounting allows you to break the project into nine cost groups which are affiliated with a phase. This also allows the constructor to segregate the areas needing improvement.

QuickBooks Premier: The perfect features to enhance your bookkeeping

A Number of Simultaneous Users:

One copy of Quickbooks can be used by a single user, but it allows up to 5 users to insert data in the same Quickbooks premier file at the same time.

Data File Size:

Quickbooks premier is great for SMEs as it works fast and accurately with 150-200MB reports. This can serve you for at least 10 years, so it is a good investment as it can store numerous amounts of invoices and estimates data.

Creating E-Mail Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices And Purchase Orders

You are given 3 options for creating the above documents:

  1. Microsoft Outlook, the outbound e-mails are tracked through them
  2. Web-based emails (Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo)
  3. Via the QuickBooks email servers provided by QuickBooks (extra fees apply)

Printing checks, paying bills, and managing expenses

With the Quickbooks checks stock, you can print them out. A voucher-style and a wallet style are also available.

Manage payroll, payroll taxes, and direct deposits

Payroll and their deductions are recorded in the payroll tables. If you need to use an automated service for payroll, you can subscribe to the QuickBooks services for extra charges.

One-Click Business Reports

After entering the complete business data and estimated data of the competitors, QuickBooks Premier enables you to get a complete business report on a single click. Something that is not possible with manual bookkeeping.

Import Data from Previous QuickBooks Premier Version

You can easily import data from a previous version of QuickBooks. With newer upgrades, this step becomes a snap of data.

Import Data from Excel

Quickbooks Premier has a feature called wizard import. This can help import all the data from your excel sheets (customer list, vendor list, item or accounts chart) into Quickbooks. This is an easy accounting solution software for companies.

Download Bank and Credit Card Transactions

If your bank account allows information to be downloaded into QuickBooks Premier, then the option exists in the software without any extra cost. You can easily download and save information in the spots fixed in the software. Remember to read the functionality for efficient use of this feature.

Creating a Budget

You can create a budget on QuickBooks premier with the budget tool. You can create a single budget for each year of business. This tool also creates a small spreadsheet and permits the copy of prior year numbers and posts them. You can compare actual reports vs. several budgets to observe business performance. For the advanced feature, an add-on program is available for purchase.

Inventory Tracking and setting Reorder Points/Creating Assemblies/Bills

QuickBooks also provides an awesome bookkeeping feature for tracking inventory using reports like “Stock Status by Item” and “Stock Status by Vendor” reports.


Efficient business reports and the creation of a feedback loop for companies with Quickbooks Premier allows you to identify  improvement zones. This results in creating the infinite loop of successes for your business.

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