The Top 5 Free Inventory Management Software Options

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Effective management of your inventory will enhance your sales and give tough competition to your competitors. If you are unaware of the worth of your inventory, you will have difficulty selling it. Thankfully, there are several inventory management operating systems for both small and medium-sized companies to help with this tedious task. Below are the top inventory management software options that can ensure a boost in your sales.

 ABC Inventory

ABC inventory is regarded as a subset of the Almyta Controlling System. It is a free package that allows you to effectively manage your warehouse, warranties, serial numbers, etc. The free version of ABC inventory is designed to be run on one personal computer because numerous workstations are not able to synchronize the same data simultaneously.

ABC is specifically designed for smaller businesses that do not need the attractive additional features like bigger companies do. 


Delivrd is a type of inventory management that is free, cloud-based, and designed for order fulfillment solutions. This software was launched at the end of 2016 and presently has made a grip in the market. It is used for online retails, small selling, small and large e-commerce enterprises, etc. It secures all details of the order fulfillment and gives you hassle-free service from picking and packing to shipping.

If an individual is using Shopify or any other e-commerce software, Delivrd can integrate with it, which results in an easy experience. Delivrd is also useful for managing financial reporting and barcoding.


inFlow is another essential inventory management software which is based on the desktop. It helps small and medium-sized companies manage their customer orders, reorder stocks, generate invoices and bills, and make customized reports. The software is particularly suited for desktop users.

inFlow helps a number of businesses and industries in many ways, i.e. wholesaling, manufacturing, health management, etc. It is estimated that as many as 750,000 users take advantage of managing their businesses with this inventory management software. inFlow offers customers a free option for the first 100 products. It comes in both a free package and a credit package with no expiration date and can be used perpetually. There are some default features included in this software including barcoding, methods of accounting, automatic data backup facility, and others. When a business uses the free version of inFlow, it will automatically be upgraded to the payment version, which will cost around $399. It has more advanced features and enables the customer to manage their orders in a better way. When purchasing the software, you will get free support for one year.


Odoo is a double entry inventory management software that allows you to fully trace the supply and demand management of the company. It is a fast operating system designed for modern inventory management. It enables you to get your work done with less effort. It can easily manage single or multiple warehouses by activating its features. By using barcode scanning, you can scan products and track orders no matter where you are.

Odoo is specifically designed for Enterprise Resource Planning, but with the feature of add-on in software, it can be used both for small and large businesses. You may take advantage of your warehouse system including a point of sales system by using the inventory management software. Because it is an ERP software, sales and purchases will flow into inventory and accounting. Large businesses can enjoy full features of the software by purchasing its credit version.

 RightControl Lite

Rightcontrol Lite is a universal inventory management software designed for the sales management of small and medium-sized businesses. It will enable you to synchronize your inventory and sales tracking at one time. If you are willing to have a long-term inventory management solution, you can utilize Rightcontrol Lite features which also include better warehouse management, better shipping tools, extra functionalities with no cost, and generation of in-depth reports. It can also control your bookkeeping entries to sustain the progress of your product. Customers can set reminders whenever they feel that their stocks are getting low as well as print labels and integrate with a barcode system. If you need to expand your products and want more users to purchase your products, you can upgrade this inventory software from the Solo to Pro version by purchasing it, which will give you more features for effective inventory management.


All of the above systems are used to manage small and medium-sized businesses and fulfill their respective inventory requirements. You can see your company grow once you take advantage of the above inventory software options. They have maintained a strong position in the market and have the capability to move your business up.

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